Settling in nicely…

September 6, 2006

I finally (just an hour or two ago) finished moving everything from the old blog to the new one.  If I’d known what a long-drawn-out process it would be, I might never have started; but hey, it’s done, and I’m glad.  That’s two years of my life documented, for better or worse.  I’d hate to lose it.

Just a reminder to everyone: I’ll be deleting the old blog in a month or so.  Please go ahead and change your blogrolls and bookmarks to reflect my shiny new URL:


A list disguised as an update masquerading as a post

July 31, 2006

~ New look here at the LadyBug blog.  Whaddya think?  (You should see a pale yellow background, black font, and an old-fashioned typewriter header.)

~ I’ve also added a button that links to my eBay store.  At the moment, it’s mostly clothes the girls have outgrown, but I’ll be adding other stuff soon, including my fresh-out-of-storage collection of Coca-Cola® memorabilia.

~ I actually responded to comments on the last entry.  I’d like to get back into the habit of doing that, as I miss the back-and-forth exchanges there.

~ Big Boy will be starting Speech Therapy soon.  We took him for a speech evaluation on the 20th, and the Speech Therapist said he “definitely qualifies for some Speech Therapy.”  She said a toddler his age should have a vocabulary of around 50 words (he has less than 20) and should be using two-word phrases on a regular basis (he has only one two-word phrase: “my did!”).  So he definitely has a speech delay, just as we suspected.  (His comprehension is fantastic.  He can understand us and follow simple directions with no problems.  He just won’t TALK.)  Rather than being worried at this diagnosis, I’m actually relieved that he’ll get the intervention he needs to help his speech develop.  I’m ready to hear my Little Man talk.

~ I’m going off the anti-depressants.  It’s been almost a year since I started the meds.  I’ve been on them so long now, I don’t know where the meds end and I begin.  I’m ready to get back to “baseline,” to see what “me” feels like again.  I started a 10-day weaning dose Thursday before last, and I took my last pill Saturday.  So, of course, I’ve been lightheaded, dizzy and woozy since about 6:00 yesterday evening.  I don’t know exactly how long it takes for the meds to completely leave my system, and my body to re-stabilize; but I hope things get back to normal soon.  Feeling freaky and faint may be some folks’ idea of a good time, but I kind of like being able to stand up without feeling like I’ll pass out.

Facing the music

August 19, 2005

Yes, it’s true. I am officially over 30 today. (I’m 31.)

I was using my birthday as an excuse to claim one of kalki’s yummy chocolate cupcakes, and that gal decided to throw me a virtual party! Thanks kalki! I blove you!

Oh! I forgot to tell you!

August 3, 2005

I DID get my Major Award in the mail! YAY! And there was no menacing, shadowy figure! YAY! And it only took a couple weeks! YAY!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t use the movie ticket, since their website showed no participating theaters in my area.

BUT! I emailed Colleen, she checked the website, and YAY! There are participating theaters in HER area. So I snail-mailed the ticket to her. Hopefully, she can break free of those three boys holding her hostage, and use the ticket before it expires. She deserves a break.

So. Now that we know that Blingo really will send Major Awards, and not menacing, shadowy figures, feel free to click here to join!

Join Blingo Friends with me!

Google me this…

May 31, 2005

This week marks the launch of former English teacher mrtl‘s Motif Monday. I don’t generally get in on the various themed days in blogland (Self-portrait day, Stuff Friday, etc.), but I like this one, because (a) it’s simple: mrtl gives a topic (which, I believe will be just one word, after this week), (b) it doesn’t require me to take/upload/fix/crop photos of anything or anyone, and (c) I’ll always be a schoolgirl at heart, sitting in the second desk from the front, in the row closest to the teacher’s desk.

(As an aside, yes, I do realize today is actually Tuesday. But yesterday was a holiday, so – for all intent and purposes – today is Monday. Shut up. It is so.)

This week’s theme is “My #1 Google search term.” As you can imagine, I get many hits from people searching for information on ladybugs, including – but not limited to – “what a ladybug looks like”, “long ladybug grow”, “a pregnant ladybug”, and the oh-so-specific, all-caps request “LADYBUG THAT’S AN INSECT”. I can only imagine the disappointment – or sheer horror – when these well-intentioned searches land those poor folks here.

I also get plenty of hits from people looking to accessorize their lives with various ladybug paraphernalia: “lady bug baths”, “lady bug toys”, “LADYBUG BEDROOM”, “how to build a ladybug house”, “ladybug bedroom stuff”, “ladybug baby stuff”, “ladybug stove”, “ladybug rock”, “swimsuit AND ladybug”, and “ladybug cake” – which, I hope, would be a cake made to look like a ladybug, and not one made out of ladybugs (blech).

Ladybug searches aside, I do get some interesting, and some humorous hits. For instance, the following are examples of searches – exactly as they were Googled – that have landed unsuspecting victims visitors here.

“Saturday Night Live-oops, I crapped my pants” (#7 Google result)

“squirl + pus” (#5 Google result) (This one requires a nod to Squirl, else that spelling-challenged Googler would’ve ended up elsewhere.)

“kimberley swimsuit bachelor naked” (#10 Google result)

Other search phrases that show up in my stats:

a ladybug with attitude (Hell, yeah. I’ll show you attitude.)
explosive diarrhea (Yep. Been there. Done that. And you might wanna get off the computer and go check that diaper again.)
fun and bronchoscopy (Trust me. Fun, it ain’t.)
10 month old night wakings (Um, yeah. I feel for you. I really do. But – I’m so sorry – you’ll find nothing actually helpful here.)
lady like vomiting (There’s nothing ladylike about vomiting. It can’t be done. Unless you were looking for a lady who…likes vomiting? And if so…just…YUCK.)
baby diarrhea night (There again, been there. Done that. Go check that diaper again.)
loud birds waking you up (May I suggest a scarecrow?)
Vomiting bug 2005 (Now that’s just gross.)

My all-time favorite search phrase, though, is this one:

“I like the way you put your hands up in the air 2005”.

I’ve no idea what that person was searching for, but seeing that phrase in my stats made me giggle.