Short and sweet … well, short, anyway

November 17, 2006

This has been a helluva week, and it ain’t over yet.

(Sorry ’bout that; the shittiness of this week calls for a little Texas drawl, ya’ll.)

~ Miss Attitude was out of school with pneumonia two days this week.

~ Tuesday evening found me alone (Deputy Dad was working) with all three kids in the emergency room at the hospital in [larger town an hour away, where we go for shopping and pediatrician visits] while we waited for Miss Attitude to get a chest x-ray. Oh. My. Freaking. Gosh. I went into OCD Overdrive as I watched the walking wounded (and presumably contagious!) around us.
(To clarify, I didn’t take all three kids and head to [larger town] to take Miss Attitude to the E.R.  We went for a pediatrician appointment, and he wanted to get a chest x-ray after hearing her junky-sounding left lung.  It was after-hours by then, so we had to go through the E.R. to get it done…which meant waiting in the E.R. waiting room, a terrifying experience for an OCD/anal-retentive mom of three.)

~ SuperBoy is trying to kill us with his Terrible Twoness.

~ At this moment, even as I type this, Deputy Dad is on the couch, alternately dozing and writhing in pain, as he tries to pass another kidney stone. We just went through this two weeks ago. He’s opted not to go to the E.R. this time, as long as we can manage the pain with the spiffy drugs they prescribed him last time.

Hydrocodone Haiku

A little white pill
Taken with some Seven Up
Deputy Dad, sleep


More tomorrow, if I make it through tonight with my sanity intact.  At this point, it’s questionable. 


Haiku! (Gesundheit!), Revisited

November 10, 2006

Morning comes early
Walking around in a daze
Nyquil hangover

Sniff, blow, cough, clear throat
Veritable symphony
Of nasal noises

Achoo! and Bless you!
Ringing through the office walls
Can I go home now?

Facing the weekend
Three kids, puppy, spouse at work
Is overwhelming

Modern inventions
No cure for the common cold
Poor priorities

Note: This haiku post was inspired by Summer’s haikus for my fellow wal-mart shoppers

Haiku! (Gesundheit!)

September 20, 2006

A call from the school
Then a trip to the E.R.
Makes any day suck

Fall on the playground
The spinning merry-go-round
Now not so merry

One sprained ankle and
No medical insurance
That’s perfect timing

Dental appointment
Phase two of a root canal
On the same damn day

Is it getting worse?
Two shitty weeks in a row?
Fuck you, September.

Muscle relaxer
A dose of hydrocodone
Mom’s down for the count.


September 13, 2006

Each time I pass
a mirror and see
my furrowed brow

I think
I look
exactly like the image I imagine
when an author describes
a woman’s countenance
as severe.

Delicate flowers

March 23, 2005


The most beautiful flowers I’ve ever received
Were presented
Not in a crystal vase, overflowing with greenery,
Not delicately wrapped in tissue paper and sprinkled with baby’s breath,
But tightly held in the fist of a six-year old child.

Do you like them, Mom?
Of course I do. They’re beautiful.

I remember the heartbreak.
My gift to my mother
And her rebuke.
Those aren’t flowers.
They’re weeds.
Take them outside.

A six-year-old heart of dandelion fuzzies,
scattered in an instant,
in a gust of cruelty.

The most beautiful flowers I’ve ever received
Were not orchids
Or roses
Or lillies.

Dandelions, clover, daisies
Are simply stunning
When presented as a gift of love
In the fist of a six-year-old child
On the first day of Spring.