Her Mother’s Daughter

May 29, 2007

Drama Queen, mischievously:  Mom, you know what makes you such a great mom?

LadyBug, warily:  What’s that?

DQ, grinning:  A kid like me.

LB, giggling:  You know what makes you full of baloney?

DQ, checkmating:  A mom like you.


Two days. Two significant blows to the ego.

January 6, 2007


The Drama Queen:  Mom, when you were a little girl, did people think no one would ever go to the moon?

LadyBug:  [Drama Queen]!  Man landed on the moon before I was even born!

DQ:  Oooookaaaaayyyy!  Geez, sorry, I didn’t know!

~ ~ ~

Today, in the car, Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog” comes on the radio:

DQ:  Mom, when was Elvis around?

LB:  A long time ago, baby.  I think he died the year I was born.*

DQ:  Oh, so it was, like, the 1700s??

LB:  ! ! !

~ ~ ~

*Note:  I was wrong on that fact.  Elvis died in 1977, three years after I was born.  But, still.  The freaking 1700s??

Recent conversation at the LadyBug house

November 26, 2006

LadyBug [to The Drama Queen and Miss Attitude]:  Would you girls pick up the living room for me, real quick, please?

The Drama Queen [expressing shock, dismay and omigod-itude, all in one word]:  WHAT?!?!

LB [speaking slowly and exaggeratedly]:  I said. would. you girls. pick up. the living room. for me. please?  Do we need to go to the doctor and have your hearing checked?


LB:  That was a question.  Do we need to have your hearing checked?


LB:  Well…did you hear what I said the first time I said it?


LB:  Did. you. hear. what. I. said. the first. time?

TDQ:  Yes!

LB:  Then why did you say, “WHAT?!?!”

TDQ:  MOOO-OOOM, you KNOW that’s what I always say when I don’t wanna do it!

LB:  Ah-ha!

And now for something completely different*

November 20, 2006

Miss Attitude: Watch, Mom.  Henry can play fetch!

Miss A throws Henry’s stuffed frog.  Henry runs to it, then rolls around in the floor as he plays with it.

LadyBug: Yeah, I see…but…umm…”fetch” usually means that the dog brings the toy back.

Miss Attitude: Yeah.  I guess Henry is just playing “Go get the toy and stay there.”

*different from all the recent whining, anyway

I wonder if Letterman’s looking for a new writer?

January 12, 2006

The Drama Queen told me an original joke this morning. It’s not the first joke she’s made up, but it’s the first one to combine two important qualities: (1) it makes sense, and (2) it’s funny. (Well, funny to a third-grader and her mama, anyway.)

What would a puppy be if you shaved a little bit of hair off of him?

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Words of Wisdom

January 3, 2006

The Drama Queen: Mom, I know something you should always remember.

LadyBug [wondering what important life lesson her daughter is getting ready to share]: What’s that?

The Drama Queen: NEVER ask what hot dogs are made out of.

. . .

Well, yes, I suppose that IS good advice.

Her Mother’s Daughter

October 17, 2005

Deputy Dad (teasing): You wanna knuckle sandwich?

Miss Attitude (grinning slyly): No, I’m not hungry for a knuckle sandwich.