Every kid’s first chapter books should be Junie B. Jones books

March 6, 2006

A couple of quotes from Junie B. Jones Is a Beauty Shop Guy:

“Mother followed me.
Her face looked suspicious.
Suspicious is the grown-up word for I think maybe you might be fibbing.”

. . .

[after giving the dog (Tickle) a haircut…]

“Mother chased me all over my yard.
That woman is speedier than she looks.
She caught me by my arm and marched me into the house.
After that, she sat me in a chair. And she said my goose is cooked, young lady.
Goose is cooked means that your goose is in big trouble. Only I don’t actually have a goose. Only that was not the time to mention it, probably.
Just then, my Daddy came home from work.
Mother tattletaled to him about Tickle.
Then both of them hollered a lecture at me.
It was called What in the World Has Gotten into Me, Young Lady? Do I Not Even Have Good Sense? And Do They Have to Watch Me Every Single Minute?
After they finished yelling, Mother put me in my room. And she took away my scissors forever.
And here’s the worstest part of all.
After dinner I had to take a bath and go right back to bed.
Mother kissed me on my cheek.
It was not that sincere.”


So happy, I’m crying

February 17, 2006

Such long-awaited, happy, happy news in Blogland.

Happy New Year!

December 30, 2005

No New Year’s Resolutions. No fabulous Year In Review.

Just a simple wish for a safe and happy New Year, and a cute little link to make you smile.*
*Update: That link has sound, so turn your speakers up (but not too loud, if you’re at work).

Happy New Year, everyone. Thank you for making me feel a little more connected this year. God bless you all.

Stop what you’re doing right now…

December 9, 2005

…and go watch this video. Amy of Anybody’s Guess did a stand-up comedy routine for her church’s ladies’ group, and it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen lately.

CAUTION: To avoid damage to your keyboard and/or monitor, please refrain from eating or drinking while watching.

Now. Click here, scroll down, and click on the link to watch the video.

Thanks for sharing this with the blogosphere, Amy!

Breaking News!

September 2, 2005

I hesitated to post this first link, since I haven’t bought my t-shirt yet, but then I decided, hey, just because I’m broke and procrastinating doesn’t mean I shouldn’t share with you all the opportunity to help someone else.

ScottyGee has designed a couple of t-shirts and made them available through CafePress, with proceeds benefitting Amanda B., a fellow blogger most of you know and love, who was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina. (Some of you may remember ScottyGee as “Scotty Hotpants” from the Dooce comments.)

Click here to buy a cool Hotpants-designed shirt and help Amanda B.!

Also, Amanda posted her mailing address in her latest entry, if you’d rather send something directly to her. Sheryl from Wave of Modulation has been in contact with Amanda and will, hopefully, be sending out a list of what they need most and other ways we can help. If any of you are not on Sheryl’s emailing list, and would like me to forward you the info, please let me know in the comments.

This is the first time I’ve actually ‘known’ someone who was personally affected by a disaster such as this one, and it’s breaking my heart. Having these options to send aid directly to Amanda eases my sense of helplessness, just a bit.

Stuff Portrait Day – Just under the wire

July 15, 2005

I don’t usually participate in Stuff Portrait Day, for the same reasons I don’t participate in the other “themed” days: (1) I just don’t have time for that many additional commitments, and (2) trying to make time for those commitments would make this blog feel like a burden, and I decided long ago that if blogging stopped being fun and started feeling like a burden, I’d stop.

BUT! This Stuff Portrait Day, with its delicious 80s theme, sounded like so much fun, I just had to jump on the proverbial bandwagon.

Please note: I’m typing fast – fingers are flying – to try to get this thing posted under the wire, so you’ll just have to ignore any typos.

First up: Something from the 80s you can’t let go of.

I didn’t take a lot of stuff with me when I moved out of my mom and step-dad’s house years and years ago, but I couldn’t leave behind my yearbooks or academic and band awards. (Yes, I was a band nerd. No, I never went to band camp.)

Second: A picture of you from the 80s.

I’ve never posted a picture of myself here; so, to make up for depriving you of seeing my lovely mug all this time, here’s an overdose of the 80s LadyBug:
Question: What is with the disembodied head picture??

Lastly: A CD or movie you have from the 80s.

CD? What is this CD you speak of? In the 80s, we had CASSETTE TAPES, which we played in our super-cool WALKMANS, thankyouverymuch.
Yeah, these were the only tapes I could find. I know I’ve got a stash of them somewhere; I just can’t find them tonight. And yes, I listened to the Judds (shutup). And I will be forever grateful to the When Harry Met Sally Soundtrack for introducing me to the magic that is Harry Connick, Jr.

Special thanks to Kristine for this excuse to go through all this old stuff. The Drama Queen and Miss Attitude had SO much fun looking through my yearbooks (“Mom, what is WITH your hair?”)and photos (“Mom. You’re just…you’re just different.”) (Oh! And my favorite…The Drama Queen looks at my first grade picture, looks at me, looks at the picture, looks at me, then declares, “You have your eyes.” *snork*)
We certainly enjoyed our blast from the past!

This just in…

May 24, 2005

…via Dave Barry’s Blog:


*May not be suitable for viewing at work.