December 6, 2006

I was all sed do wride ub a nice, long pode; bud dow I’b all duffy and I cad barely breed drough my dose.

I’ll updade lader, whed air passes a bid more freely drough my nodtrils.

 Id de meadtibe, you cad look ad dis:



I think I can, I think I can…

November 27, 2006

NaBloPoMo, Day 27.  Three more days to go!

In lieu of anything remotely interesting, here’s a sampling of search terms which have brought unsuspecting visitors to this site recently.  I’ve linked to the posts the searches found.

is should’ve a word?
Why, yes.  It certainly is.

meaning “a little pregnant”
You’ll find no answers here.  May I suggest an EPT?

Bury Your Dead Arm warmers
I have no freaking idea what that means, but I’m sure this page wasn’t any help at all.

Oh, good grief.  The woman was on The Bachelor 3 1/2 years ago.  Get over it already.  (Although…that entry is one of my favorites.  I hope you enjoyed it, whoever you are.)

would of would’ve grammar mistake
I am absolutely thrilled so many folks are finding Granny Grammar so helpful.

sparkly ladybug nose rings
So…you’re looking for a sparkly nose ring in the shape of a ladybug…or…a sparkly nose ring FOR your pet ladybug?

“you know your life is incredibly lame”
Well, yes, I’m afraid it is.

should’ve is not a word
It most certainly is, too; however, “should of” is an abomination.  Now, go forth and spread the word.

Well, CRAP

November 9, 2006

So, hey, yeah, guess what? I was looking at my calendar in the sidebar over there and realized that it wasn’t showing a post on November 5th. WHAT? I’ve posted every day this month! I’m doing freakin’ NaBloPoMo, fer cryin’ out loud!

As it turns out, I had my time stamp set wrong, and the entry I posted Sunday night just before midnight had Monday’s date on it, because it posted an hour ahead. Geez.

So I’ve gone back and adjusted the time stamps for all the November posts, turning them each back an hour. Which means I look like a big ol’ Cheater Pants now, when I’m actually just a total and complete idiot when it comes to anything involving Greenwich Mountain Time and adjusting for my time zone.


In other news, a cold virus has decided to attach itself to my person. I was trying -TRYING – to blame allergies for my symptoms…runny nose, sneezing, stuffiness – must be allergies! Yes, Just Allergies! And NOT a cold coming on! Because Holy Shit I Do NOT Have TIME For A Cold!

And then came the sore throat. And the achiness. And the generally feeling like total and complete crap.

So, yeah, not so much allergies as a FREAKING COLD. Blargh.

Pending FDA Approval

October 18, 2006

If I could only bottle Super Boy’s* giggle…it would be the most powerful anti-depressant known to man.


*Due to his recent obsession with Superman, Spiderman, The Incredibles, and any other super-hero type characters, The Toddler Formerly Known as Big Boy shall now be known as Super Boy.

Settling in nicely…

September 6, 2006

I finally (just an hour or two ago) finished moving everything from the old blog to the new one.  If I’d known what a long-drawn-out process it would be, I might never have started; but hey, it’s done, and I’m glad.  That’s two years of my life documented, for better or worse.  I’d hate to lose it.

Just a reminder to everyone: I’ll be deleting the old blog in a month or so.  Please go ahead and change your blogrolls and bookmarks to reflect my shiny new URL:


Once you’ve swum halfway across the ocean, it’s really too late to turn back

September 3, 2006

If I’d had any idea what a painfully tedious process it would be to copy and paste all my old blog entries to the new blog, I might never have begun.  I’m damn near cross-eyed from staring at the monitor so much this weekend.  But!  I’m over halfway there now, and hope to finish within the next day or two.

A few things worth mentioning:

  • I’ve un-linked any previous posts linked within a post…Going back and forth, getting new URLs, etc. would just be TOO much, especially since I’m working my way backward through the old entries, which means that an entry linked in a post I’m copying hasn’t yet been moved and therefore doesn’t yet have a new URL.  And who wants to try to keep track of every entry I’d need to go back to and re-link?  Not me, that’s who.
  • I just re-read that last part and, I’m not even sure it makes sense.  But I’m too tired to try to re-do it, so let’s just move along, shall we?
  • I’m glad I decided to move all the old entries over to WordPress, because I really want to delete the old blog and sever my ties with Tripod.  The only negative is that I’ll be losing all the comments from the past two years.  Which totally sucks.
  • The entries with photos have turned out to be a nightmare to move.  WordPress and Tripod do NOT get along.  I’ve finally gotten a relatively painless system figured out, but I haven’t yet figured out how to put a full-size image in a WordPress entry (or even IF that’s possible).  So far, all I can get are thumbnails which link to a full-size image.  So you guys should know that any time you see a thumbnail…

…you can click on it to see a full-size image.

  • I’m consolidating all the “about me” entries into one page, which you can access by clicking on “140 Things About Me” in the top, right-hand corner of the home page.

Alrighty, I’m off to copy/paste/edit my little fingers off.  Hope everyone is having a terrific Labor Day Weekend!


Thank you…uhthankyouverymuch

September 1, 2006

Thanks for the warm welcome wishes, everyone!  You guys are awesome.  I may not post much in the next few days.  I’ll be focused on painstakingly moving almost 2 years’ worth of blog entries from the old place to the new.

I’ve also switched email addresses.  If I had your address in my hotmail contacts, you should have gotten a notification of my new address yesterday.  If you didn’t receive that and you want the new address, please leave me a comment and I’ll email it to you.  I’ll be canceling the hotmail account in a month or so.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got this morning…well, that and a raging, pounding headache.  But hey, at least it’s Friday AND we’re on the cusp of a three-day weekend.  Woohoo!  (That Woohoo was just for you, CircusKelli.)  (Hey, wow, I just opened CK’s blog to get the URL, and she’s got a fresh, new look.  So pretty!  Check it out!)

Have a terrific Friday, everyone, and a wonderful three-day weekend!