Two days. Two significant blows to the ego.


The Drama Queen:  Mom, when you were a little girl, did people think no one would ever go to the moon?

LadyBug:  [Drama Queen]!  Man landed on the moon before I was even born!

DQ:  Oooookaaaaayyyy!  Geez, sorry, I didn’t know!

~ ~ ~

Today, in the car, Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog” comes on the radio:

DQ:  Mom, when was Elvis around?

LB:  A long time ago, baby.  I think he died the year I was born.*

DQ:  Oh, so it was, like, the 1700s??

LB:  ! ! !

~ ~ ~

*Note:  I was wrong on that fact.  Elvis died in 1977, three years after I was born.  But, still.  The freaking 1700s??


11 Responses to Two days. Two significant blows to the ego.

  1. CircusKelli says:

    I love the questions… a year or so ago, I was asked “Mom, did they have cars when you were little?”


  2. kalki says:


    My mom always likes asking her kindergarteners how old they think she is. The answers are always hilarious, from “Twelve!” (I guess 12 seems SO old to someone who is 5) to “Two-HUNDRED!”

  3. Squirl says:

    Your little Drama Queen sure does know how to stir up the drama. 😉

  4. amy says:

    here is my memory of when elvis died. sorta.

    poor you! how exhausting to be almost 300 years old!

  5. Danielle says:

    Kids and their wacky ideas of time are just too funny. You know, I’m wondering if she got the 1700’s from hearing the phrase “the 70’s” and just translated that in her mind into the 1700’s.


  6. UCM says:

    Must be a 7’s thing. Think she’s dyslexic?

  7. amy says:

    I CANT BELIEVE THAT you played the EXACT part I will be playing!! WOW! We are totally kindred spirits, LB. You MUST give me some pointers.

  8. Kids have a way, don’t they?

  9. cat says:

    Wait. Elvis is dead?

  10. psumommy says:

    *grin* Alex thinks I’m 10. That works for me.

    Elvis died 10 days before I was born. 🙂

  11. Oh, SNAP!

    At least you weren’t born in the 1600s like me.

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