A little o’ this, a little o’ that…

Item 1:  Deputy Dad ended up having the kidney stone removed this morning.  The hospital did a CAT scan when he arrived, determined that the stone was still there, then did the procedure to remove it.  The doc also had to put in a stent because of all the swelling.  Father-In-Law drove Deputy Dad to the hospital, since it was 1 1/2 hours away and Deputy Dad had to be there at 7:50 this morning.  I wanted so badly to be there with my sweetheart, but three kids who needed to get ready for and be delivered to school and the babysitter made that pretty much impossible.  I spoke with Father-In-Law about 1/2 an hour ago, and they were headed home.  Deputy Dad is pretty groggy and sore, but at least the stone is gone.
Aaaaand that’s probably all you need to know about my man’s man parts, huh?

Item 2:  I did it!  I finished NaBloPoMo!  I actually posted every single day, for the entire month of November.  I have to admit I’m a bit surprised I made it.  I’m also ever-so-slightly proud of myself.  Just look at my pretty November calendar, with all its dates in blue!  I’ve enjoyed NaBloPoMo, but I have to admit I’m relieved to be off the daily posting hook.  I do want to post more frequently, but I just don’t need the pressure of posting every. single. day.

Item 3:  I forget Item 3.

 Okay!  It’s Friday, everyone!  Have a great weekend.


5 Responses to A little o’ this, a little o’ that…

  1. Stone gone is way good; hope the weekend brings quick recovery. And congratulations (still) on the fully blue November. It has been fun!

  2. kalki says:

    Yay! Glad the procedure is over and DD will be stoned no more. Poor dude.

    And I actually did admire your all-blue calendar yesterday. Very lovely. 🙂

  3. Squirl says:

    So glad the stone is gone. I’m sure he appreciated your taking care of your (as in both of yours) children. Just another way of showing your love for him.

    And look at you, not only did you post every day in November, you’re in here right away the first of December! I can understand not wanting to post every single day. But I feel like I should post a bit more often.

  4. Danielle says:

    I thought I’d commented on this, but I guess not.

    I’m glad to hear that DD is doing all right.

    and congrats again on blogging every single day in November. Even with Thanksgiving, you managed to squeeze it in! Good job!

  5. CircusKelli says:

    Yay for you for Item #2!

    I’m glad DD is going better now, and I hope that things are starting to look up for you all a bit. You’ve had a really tough month or two, love.

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