You rest your head on my chest, one hand twisting my hair ’round and ’round your finger and the other holding onto your best stuffed friend. As I sing your lullaby, your eyelids and your body get heavier and heavier. I rest my cheek on your head, bury my nose in your hair, and selfishly wish I could stop the passage of time, stop you from growing up and away from me, stop you from hurtling toward independence.

I listen to the sound of your breathing, smile at your snoring, marvel at your peacefulness. I know I should put you in your bed, but I just want to savor the moment…just a bit longer.

You turn, and your forehead rests against my chin now. You’ve let go of your stuffed friend, but still hold tightly to my hair. I stroke your cheek, nuzzle your hair, pat your back. Your head moves up and down, up and down, with the motion of the rocking chair.

I know too soon you’ll not need Mama to rock you and sing to you, so I’m holding onto this moment with all my might.


10 Responses to Naptime

  1. psumommy says:

    This is so weird…I *just* had this almost-exactly-the-same experience. Eric fell asleep on me and oh, that baby smell, and those baby sighs and sleepy baby noises…it makes me want to freeze time. Then I put him down (I know! What am I thinking?) and read this and you put so beautifully what I was just feeling. Now I want to go pick him up again.

    *deep, content sigh*

  2. Danielle says:

    This is beautifully described. It all aounds so peaceful too.

    What a nice moment to put into words and document for posterity.

  3. Lovely. I know just how you feel.

  4. LadyBug says:

    Thanks, kalki.

    That *deep, content sigh* pretty much sums up this post, psumommy. 🙂

    It was peaceful, Danielle, a nice contrast to the chaos that so regularly fills my life.

    Hello and welcome, Flannery Alden. And thank you.

  5. Found you through NaPoBloMo. I totally heart your blog! And this post got to me. I’m going to go smell my baby’s head now.

  6. Squirl says:

    Wow, that was so sweet. And so well written I could picture the entire thing vividly. Kiss Super Boy for me, okay?

  7. CircusKelli says:

    Oooohhhh… this is LOVELY, simply lovely. Some of my favorite memories of the kids are like that.

  8. amy says:

    So. Sweet. YOu can WRITE, girl.

  9. LadyBug says:

    Hello and welcome, Heather. And thanks for your sweet comment.

    With pleasure, Squirl.

    Thanks, CircusKelli. But, hey, wait. Aren’t you supposed to be resting?? Young Lady, GO to your ROOM! 🙂

    Awww, thanks, Amy.

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