Well, CRAP

So, hey, yeah, guess what? I was looking at my calendar in the sidebar over there and realized that it wasn’t showing a post on November 5th. WHAT? I’ve posted every day this month! I’m doing freakin’ NaBloPoMo, fer cryin’ out loud!

As it turns out, I had my time stamp set wrong, and the entry I posted Sunday night just before midnight had Monday’s date on it, because it posted an hour ahead. Geez.

So I’ve gone back and adjusted the time stamps for all the November posts, turning them each back an hour. Which means I look like a big ol’ Cheater Pants now, when I’m actually just a total and complete idiot when it comes to anything involving Greenwich Mountain Time and adjusting for my time zone.


In other news, a cold virus has decided to attach itself to my person. I was trying -TRYING – to blame allergies for my symptoms…runny nose, sneezing, stuffiness – must be allergies! Yes, Just Allergies! And NOT a cold coming on! Because Holy Shit I Do NOT Have TIME For A Cold!

And then came the sore throat. And the achiness. And the generally feeling like total and complete crap.

So, yeah, not so much allergies as a FREAKING COLD. Blargh.


10 Responses to Well, CRAP

  1. psumommy says:

    Oh, my…I read this & sprinted over to my own blog and its a full hour behind as well. Oops. So I shall look like a cheater-pants right there with you! Except that, it doesn’t matter, because since I imposed the NaBloPoMo thing on myself, I’ve missed 2 or 3 days. I suck.

    Are you sure you don’t just have really bad allergies? Ok, maybe not. But at least a cold will go away after a few days, right? Hugs…I do hope it passes quickly!

  2. Bill says:

    Forget the cheater-pants charge; I remember seeing that under-the-wire post on the right day and wondering why the time-stamp was whacked. Also “whacked” – why WordPress can’t optionally auto-adjust timestamps for “daylight” hour changes, or at the very least prompt the admin to check same. I had the same problem though I happened to notice it shortly after the change.

  3. LadyBug says:

    That’s IT, Bill! I forgot all about the time change! I was thinking I’d somehow set the time wrong when I moved my blog to WordPress a couple months ago, and had never noticed it. THANK YOU. I feel slightly less crazy now.

    And psumommy, is that what happened to yours, too? The time change?

  4. momopeche says:

    Try this ancient chinese cold cure: boil coke (not diet) in a pot, cut up a whole lemon and then let it steep. Then gurgle the whole thing as if it was tea.

    Sounds like a modern-day old wive’s tale, but hey, it works!

  5. psumommy says:

    I do think it was the time change. I had assumed it would automatically switch it for me (everything else does, darn it!) but I think I have to change some setting…

  6. Danielle says:

    I think today will be the day that I don’t post. So, it is good that I didn’t officially sign up for NaBlogblahblahblah whatever whatever. (note that Nanowrimo actually ends up being a reasonable word to pronounce, but this one for the blogging thing is silly sounding in my opinion.)

    long enough note?

    Hope you start feeling better soon. Sorry about your cold.

  7. Danielle says:

    Oh, and I meant to add:

    Being sick sucks. sicky sucky. sucky sicky. Say that three times fast.

  8. Squirl says:

    I’m sorry you feel crappy. I think Zicam helps, have you tried that?

    I wondered about that one post. Silly time change anyway.

  9. CircusKelli says:

    OH darlin… I’m so sorry you’re sick. I went through that very same thing about two weeks ago. I’m still dealing with a cruddy cough, but I’m feeling a lot better for the most part. Hang in there Sweetie.

  10. LadyBug says:

    Yeah, psumommy, it never occurred to me I’d have to adjust my blog time for daylight savings. And it sorta ticks me off that it now shows my time as eastern time!

    That actually doesn’t sound half bad, momopeche…but I’m not quite sure what gurgle means.

    That. That. That. 😛 Sorry, Danielle, even in my cold-induced daze, I’m still a smartass.

    I haven’t tried Zicam, Squirl, just Dayquil and Nyquil, so far.

    Thanks, CircusKelli.

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