Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

This weekend is officially over in 45 minutes.

Which means, good grief, I’d better hurry up and get this posted before my NaBloPoMo-sanctioned midnight deadline.

My day started waaaay too early this morning, when my good friend and across-the-street neighbor, T, called at 5:30.

“Umm…[LadyBug]?…Would you ask [Deputy Dad] what I should do about a fire behind my fridge?”

“Whuh? Wait, lemme get my glasses. … Now, what? A fire?”

“Umm, yeah. It’s behind the fridge, and I’m thinkin’…do I pull the fridge out from the wall? What should I do?”

T’s husband was out of town on a hunting trip. This sort of thing ONLY happens at their house when he’s out of town.

I asked T if she had a fire extinguisher. I was pretty sure I knew the answer, and had already made my way to the garage and grabbed ours.

“Umm…no, I don’t think we do.”

“I’m on my way.”

I was surprised to discover it had been raining, as I walked barefooted down the driveway and across the street. I got to T’s house and made my way to the kitchen, where I could see the orange glow behind the refrigerator. I knew it wouldn’t be a good idea to try to move it, so I just reached as far back as I could between the wall and the refrigerator and blindly shot the fire extinguisher.

The kitchen instantly filled with a cloud that had us sputtering and coughing. The powder in the extinguisher had bounced off the wall and was now hanging in the air around us.

“I think we better call the fire department and get out of here. You and K can come to my house.”

I called 9-1-1 and told them to send the fire department.

“What’s on fire?”

“The refrigerator. We’ll be across the street at my house.”

K is The Drama Queen’s age, and one of her very best friends. I asked her to keep an eye on Henry – who was awake and whining by that time – to keep her mind off what was going on at her house.

Long story short (too late!), the fire department got the fire out quickly. It had started inside the back panel of the refrigerator. There was very little damage to the wall, but the fridge is certainly shot. The fire department even moved the fridge out of the house for her. I helped her empty the perishables into a couple ice chests, and she and K left for her mom’s house about 6:10. The Drama Queen and Miss Attitude had woken up at 5:45 during all the commotion, and Super Boy woke at 6:15. I had purposely let Deputy Dad sleep; he needed as much rest as he could get after yesterday’s chaos.

So, yeah, it appears this weekend has pretty much been total crap. But, hey, at least it’s over in…20 minutes, now.

I’ll be out-of-pocket tomorrow, taking Super Boy to the pediatrician for his persistent runny/stuffy nose.

Oh! One last thing…

We’re relieved that Henry finally found his appetite today. We were fully prepared to take him back to his Mama dog for a few days, if he didn’t start eating today. But I opened up a can of food this morning, and he gobbled it up like he’d been doing it all his life. So, at least that’s a little less stress, there.

Have a great day, everyone!


9 Responses to Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

  1. Belle says:

    I am sorry about your weekend being so chaotic! Maybe the week will be calmer.

  2. Danielle says:

    Ladybug to the rescue! We are going to have to start calling you Supermom or Wondermom or some such thing. (Superbug and Wonderbug just don’t have the same sort of ring to them, eh?)

    Glad to hear that Henry is eating. πŸ™‚

  3. Squirl says:

    Wow, good for you (and your neighbor) that you kept your head AND had a fire extinguisher.

    I hope Deputy Dad is feeling better now.

    And I’m glad that Henry is eating, too. πŸ™‚

  4. kalki says:

    You’re a hero, LB! And I like how your first instinct was to put on your glasses. “Wait…let me put on my glasses….okay, now I can comprehend what’s happening!” Hee, cute.

  5. CircusKelli says:

    Wow! Good thing THAT’S over, huh?

    I hope today goes much much better for you, love.

  6. Holy cow pattie. When it rains, it pours. Eventually it will all work itself out. Stay strong, woman.

  7. LadyBug says:

    Thanks, Belle.

    I kinda like Wonderbug, Danielle. Hee.

    Thanks, Squirl.

    Yeah, kalki, funny thing…I can’t hear without my glasses on. Heh.

    Thanks, CircusKelli. As it turns out, the crappy weekend ran over into a crappy Monday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow.

    What’s that you say, undercovermutha? It’s raining cow patties?!? Hee. And thanks.

  8. LaShawn says:

    We caught our toaster oven on fire recently….fun times.

    Love your blog!

  9. LadyBug says:

    Hello and welcome, LaShawn. And thanks!

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