Recent Conversation at the LadyBug house

While watching The Wedding Date, starring Mr. Hunky McScrumptious Himself, the delectable Dermot Mulroney:

Can we all just take a moment here to bask in the loveliness that is Dermot Mulroney? He is YUMMY with a side of ROWR.

Wait. Where was I? Oh yes…

While watching The Wedding Date last weekend…

LadyBug (to Deputy Dad): That sounds like Harry Connick, Jr. I wonder if that’s who it is?

Later…after the movie…

LB: Did you watch the credits? Was that Harry Connick, Jr.?

DD: No, it was Michael Bubble.

LB: It was…wh-huh?

DD: Michael Bubble.

LB: Wait. You mean Michael Bublé??

DD: That’s what I said.

LB [stifling giggles]: No. No, it wasn’t.


10 Responses to Recent Conversation at the LadyBug house

  1. CircusKelli says:

    I LOVE the Boo-blay. 😉

  2. amy says:

    me too. Buble so groobley!

    when i read this post yesterday i got so distracted by Dermot McScrumptious that I actually forgot to comment.

  3. kalki says:

    Hee! Around our house we call him Michael Booby.

  4. cat says:

    Oh. Goodness. The page opens and BOOM!… the PRETTY.


  5. Squirl says:

    To the straight man, Bubble/Buble’, same thing. 🙂

  6. Danielle says:

    He clearly isn’t in touch with his metrosexual side. 😉

    Love the pic of Dermot. What a strange name. But a good photo.

    Have you ever heard much of Buble’s music? What do you think? Do you recommend it?

  7. LadyBug says:

    Danielle, I haven’t heard much of his music, but I liked what I heard in that movie. The songs were remakes of old standards – which I love – and his voice reminded me a LOT of Harry Connick Jr.’s – whom I also love.

  8. kalki says:

    We have Booby’s Caught In The Act album and really like it.

  9. Homestead says:

    We watched Young Guns this weekend (don’t ask me why…. we only get 2 tv channels… you know….) and Dermot’s character is my absolute favorite…… “Did you guys see the size of that chicken???”

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