Pending FDA Approval

If I could only bottle Super Boy’s* giggle…it would be the most powerful anti-depressant known to man.


*Due to his recent obsession with Superman, Spiderman, The Incredibles, and any other super-hero type characters, The Toddler Formerly Known as Big Boy shall now be known as Super Boy.


10 Responses to Pending FDA Approval

  1. CircusKelli says:

    Amen to that, sistah… and I’ve never even heard it. 😉

  2. psumommy says:

    Oh, gosh, a toddler’s giggle really should be bottled. I love it when they laugh so hard they can’t breathe, then they laugh some more…

  3. Danielle says:

    Wonderful! I’m smiling at the image of him giggling while wearing towel as a superhero cape. (that last part is per my imagination)

    Now see this is where audio-blogging comes in… but then I guess recording his giggle and getting it online might be too much of a chore. That would take the fun out of it and that would be baaad.

    But back to the giggle in a bottle. What would the label look like do you think?

  4. kalki says:

    I think Super Boy and GadgetGirl should get married.

  5. Ern says:

    Children’s laughter IS such a beautiful sound. I can only imagine how much more so it would be with your own child.

    Tickle him till he pees.


  6. mrtl says:

    You must teach him to say, “I’m super, thanks for asking!” like Big Gay Al!

  7. kerrianne says:

    SuperBoy! is great. And reminds me of IncrediBoy! from The Incredibles. That character, and that movie, always made me chuckle. : )

  8. Squirl says:

    I love the name SuperBoy for him. He loves his superheroes. I’ll bet his giggle is infectious.

    I like mrtl’s suggestion, too. 🙂

  9. Homestead says:

    I love those giggles. Sweet Boy has the same super hero fascination. He has Incredible Hulk undies but he gets confused and he said, “Mama, I want to wear the Wonderful Beast ones….”

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