Totally Irrelevant Thought Currently Making Me Giggle

In fifty or sixty years, nursing homes will be full of elderly ladies named Tiffany and Stephanie and Jennifer and Nicole, and little old men named Joshua and Kevin and Andrew and Matthew.

I can only assume their grandchildren will have names such as Ethel and Betty and Harold and Walter.


9 Responses to Totally Irrelevant Thought Currently Making Me Giggle

  1. CircusKelli says:

    Hee heee hee! No kidding! 🙂

  2. Danielle says:

    HB and I were just laughing over the names of his grandparents and great-grandparents the other night. Nellie was one. I can’t remember the others.

    Doesn’t it make you wonder if ‘old-fashioned’ names will come back – kinda like bell bottoms?

  3. Don’t forget all McKenzie’s, MacKenzee’s, McKinzi’s, Caden’s, Cason’s, Gage’s, and Jordan’s.

    I’ve left out about a gazillion other spellings to spare you.

  4. SierraBella says:

    … and they’re all going to have tattoos which will become obscured with wrinkles.

    (Thanks for your kind words on my blog!)


  5. sheryl says:

    Joshua will have a MARILYN MANSON tattooed across his chest.

    Tiffany will have holes in her eyebrows and lip and elsewhere from all the piercings.

  6. kalki says:

    I’ve thought this very thing before. Well, not the nursing homes part, but the fact that in several decades all the grandparents will have (what we currently consider to be) hip, modern names. Hee.

  7. psumommy says:

    And don’t forget the multiple body piercings! Mwahaha! And the Ethans…many, many Ethans…

  8. cat says:

    Okay. Now I’m kind of depressed. Mortality sucks.

    I better get going on that whole Live Forever idea I’ve been toying with…

  9. Squirl says:

    I was thinking of the body piercings, too. hee hee

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