Advice from the Trenches

Never have more kids than you have hands.


9 Responses to Advice from the Trenches

  1. CircusKelli says:

    Well shit! NOW you tell me!


  2. kalki says:

    This is definitely the same wtih cats!


  3. cat says:

    Sing it, sistah! Sing it LOUD!
    And heh.

  4. Good one, Kelly.

    Point well taken, Miss Ladybug.

  5. amy says:

    THIS is why everyone gasps when I say I have three kids. The math. It’s off.

  6. CircusKelli says:

    This advice goes along with the advice that I got, but never paid any attention to until Buddy became “mobile” — Never let them outnumber you.

  7. candace says:

    We got that advice from my brother after Soph was born. Since he had three kids, I took him seriously.

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