Also? Let’s be sure to catch that on film, shall we?

October 31, 2006

Have you seen this news item, about Isaiah Washington and Patrick Dempsey getting into a “scuffle” on the set of Grey’s Anatomy?

Grey’s Anatomy Hotness

Come on, boys. The least you guys could do for your fans is strip down to your boxer briefs and get oiled up before you go at each other like that.


I’m down with OCD, yeah you know me

October 30, 2006

Maybe it’s the depression, threatening to capsize my little lifeboat as it roars and swells in angry waves.

Maybe it’s the stress, recently reaching near-record levels and jeopardizing the precarious state of my anxious mind.

Whatever the cause, the effects are cropping up in some rather unconventional ways.

You remember I told you about my odd need for physical even-ness? (If you’re just tuning in, please see #90 on my 140 Things About Me page. As if that weren’t idiosyncratic enough in and of itself, I’ve recently developed a few other peculiarities…

I am, apparently, physically incapable of taking the top cup off of a stack of disposable cups. Each workday morning, I arrive at the office and get a cup of coffee. I reach for a styrofoam cup, and…

I pick up at least four or five cups off the top of the stack, so that I can take a cup from the middle. I do this at fast-food joints and convenience stores, too. I think it stems from being neurotically worried about putting my mouth on a cup someone else has touched. Because I know that not everyone washes their hands as obsessively as I do. Which brings me to the next manifestation of my mental meltdown…

I am constantly aware of everything I touch, who might have touched it before me, and what germs I might be unknowingly acquiring. So I wash my hands eleventy thousand times a day, until they’re dry and chapped and raw. (But hey, I don’t use a new bar of soap for each hand-washing, like Jack Nicholson’s OCD character in As Good As It Gets. I’m not that bad … … yet.)

I think I had more to post about, but as I was perusing that IMDB link (that movie’s one of my favorites), I came across this quote:

Sell crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here.

And on that note, I think I’ll go curl up in the corner and cry.

You know you’re chock-full of Momness when…

October 27, 2006

living on the edge means leaving the house without a diaper bag.

Make fun of my age, and I will beat you about the head and shoulders with my cane!

October 26, 2006

Last night I finally got around to unpacking some of my Coca-Cola collection and listing it on eBay. I’ve only listed a handful of items so far; I’ve still got much, much more to wade through.

A couple of things caught me by surprise:

1. I didn’t even remember owning most of the stuff I found last night. I mean, yeah, it’s been in storage for several years; but still, you’d think I’d at least remember it. Nope. Not a bit. Not even a flicker of recognition. Nothing. Nada.

2. In my exhaustive 20 seconds of research, I was shocked to discover that the Coca-Cola items I’d had since high school are now considered (gasp!) vintage. VINTAGE! Like…like…old.
Excusez-moi? OLD? I don’t THINK so. Why, I just graduated from high school. That was only…umm… …oh. Wait. Shit. That was fourteen years ago. Oh, good Lord, I’m practically ANCIENT.

Recent Conversation at the LadyBug house

October 24, 2006

While watching The Wedding Date, starring Mr. Hunky McScrumptious Himself, the delectable Dermot Mulroney:

Can we all just take a moment here to bask in the loveliness that is Dermot Mulroney? He is YUMMY with a side of ROWR.

Wait. Where was I? Oh yes…

While watching The Wedding Date last weekend…

LadyBug (to Deputy Dad): That sounds like Harry Connick, Jr. I wonder if that’s who it is?

Later…after the movie…

LB: Did you watch the credits? Was that Harry Connick, Jr.?

DD: No, it was Michael Bubble.

LB: It was…wh-huh?

DD: Michael Bubble.

LB: Wait. You mean Michael Bublé??

DD: That’s what I said.

LB [stifling giggles]: No. No, it wasn’t.

Lessons Learned

October 23, 2006

I couldn’t have been more than six or seven. Walt Disney’s marketing already had a firm grasp on my heart, and my Lady and the Tramp coloring book was my very favorite coloring book, ever ever ever in the whole wide world, Amen.

That afternoon I spent hours – well, what seemed like hours to my six-or-seven-year-old-mind, anyway – coloring a single page. I carefully colored each dog a different color, utilizing my favorite shades – one violet-red, one purple, one blue…taking my time, concentrating on staying in the lines. I meticulously outlined each one in black crayon, a coloring technique I had learned from a friend and adopted as my own; I loved the way the black outlines made the colors seem more vivid.

I slowly – careful, now! – tore the page from the coloring book and presented my masterpiece to my mother. Beaming with pride, I waited breathlessly for the praise that was sure to come.

“Now, [LadyBug], you KNOW that dogs aren’t really purple and blue and pink, so why would you color them that way?”

Lesson Learned: No matter how hard I tried, no matter how diligently I worked, nothing I could do would ever be good enough for my mother.

A man never played with his balls so beautifully

October 20, 2006

Have you seen this?

I have never seen juggling so closely resemble dancing…or poetry…or something incredibly awesome, anyway.

Check it out.


Link courtesy of this Blogging Baby post.