Once you’ve swum halfway across the ocean, it’s really too late to turn back

If I’d had any idea what a painfully tedious process it would be to copy and paste all my old blog entries to the new blog, I might never have begun.  I’m damn near cross-eyed from staring at the monitor so much this weekend.  But!  I’m over halfway there now, and hope to finish within the next day or two.

A few things worth mentioning:

  • I’ve un-linked any previous posts linked within a post…Going back and forth, getting new URLs, etc. would just be TOO much, especially since I’m working my way backward through the old entries, which means that an entry linked in a post I’m copying hasn’t yet been moved and therefore doesn’t yet have a new URL.  And who wants to try to keep track of every entry I’d need to go back to and re-link?  Not me, that’s who.
  • I just re-read that last part and, I’m not even sure it makes sense.  But I’m too tired to try to re-do it, so let’s just move along, shall we?
  • I’m glad I decided to move all the old entries over to WordPress, because I really want to delete the old blog and sever my ties with Tripod.  The only negative is that I’ll be losing all the comments from the past two years.  Which totally sucks.
  • The entries with photos have turned out to be a nightmare to move.  WordPress and Tripod do NOT get along.  I’ve finally gotten a relatively painless system figured out, but I haven’t yet figured out how to put a full-size image in a WordPress entry (or even IF that’s possible).  So far, all I can get are thumbnails which link to a full-size image.  So you guys should know that any time you see a thumbnail…

…you can click on it to see a full-size image.

  • I’m consolidating all the “about me” entries into one page, which you can access by clicking on “140 Things About Me” in the top, right-hand corner of the home page.

Alrighty, I’m off to copy/paste/edit my little fingers off.  Hope everyone is having a terrific Labor Day Weekend!



18 Responses to Once you’ve swum halfway across the ocean, it’s really too late to turn back

  1. RzDrms says:

    you have a pretty thumb!

    and i saw a “new” entry in bloglines about you being in the emergency room or wherever with big boy and he had a bad rash and i was about to freak out a little…and then i realize it was an old entry. whew! took me about five seconds to figure it out.

  2. LadyBug says:

    Sorry, Raz! I think that was the one I forgot to change the date on when I first moved it. It wasn’t until I saw it on the home page that I realized I needed to fix it. Oops.

  3. Ditto on Raz’ comment. My heart jumped a bit, too. The date was confusing me, but I knew it sounded familiar.

    I think it’s good that you’re going to sever the Tripod ties. I thought about the comments as well. I saw that the Blogger comments transfer over. Ack! No throwing things at me! I have to admit, that’s one thing I like about your Tripod blog was the comment format. Oh, but there are so many more things to hate.

    Have you had any more problems with WordPress?

  4. LadyBug says:

    I liked the comment format at Tripod, too, Undercover Mutha…or I DID, anyway, until they changed it. And I do hate to lose all those comments, but I think I’d rather have a clean break. And no, no more problems with WordPress. In fact, I’ve been meaning to email you about that. I finally figured out what the problem was…it wasn’t WordPress’s fault at all. It was my Yahoo! browser that sucked. (I’ve had trouble with it before, in hotmail and in eBay.) So I’ve been using IE and haven’t had a hint of trouble.

    So. This just in: Upon Further Investigation, WordPress is Vindicated! 🙂

  5. Danielle says:

    Sounds like you are getting a lot done. It is taking a lot of time (it sounds like), but it will be well worth it.
    It is too bad that the comments will be lost. But at least your entries can be saved.


  6. LadyBug says:

    It IS taking a long time, Danielle. But I hope to get through this week. (That estimate up from “a day or two”, since I realized that wow, I posted a lot more frequently in the first year I was blogging.)

    I’m so glad someone got my joke, kalki. 🙂

  7. psumommy says:

    I totally love that you used your thumbnail to illustrate…well, a thumbnail pic…


  8. LadyBug says:

    Hi, psumommy! We posted simultaneously! And YAY! for someone else giggling at my joke. 🙂

  9. cat says:

    Woman, I feel your pain. Luckily I figured out that you can export all your posts AND comments from Blogger to WordPress before I got TOO crazy with the cutting and pasting, yo? Of course it took me a week of pulling my hair out to figure out how to accomplish THAT transfer, so there you go.

    And for the record, I giggled at the thumbnail joke, too. You = witty girl.

  10. Squirl says:

    We all like the “thumbnail” picture, tee hee. I love plays on words. 🙂

    I hope you’re bringing all of your links over. Or, at least, the important ones.

  11. Great news on the browser fiasco! See, I tell no lies. Okay, that’s a lie.

    Damn if I didn’t get the thumbnail joke. It’s probably because I didn’t think it was a thumb. My pointer finger looks like your thumb.

    Also, don’t forget to change your blogger profile to include the new and improved LadyBug blog. I clicked on it over at Amy’s just to check.

  12. Amber says:

    How cute that you actually used a REAL thumbnail to post the thumbnail thing. That is just cracking me up over here.

    Too much amusement? I think not.

    I know what you mean about the importing of the blog posts. There is this automatic thing that wordpress does, but it doesn’t work with my old blog stuff, and I bet it didn’t with yours. I didn’t feel like copying and pasting all that crap by myself, so good for you for being, like, the strongest women. Ever.

  13. LadyBug says:

    Thanks, cat. Oh, how I WISH I could do the import thingy, but that is, apparently, one of the many, many ways in which Tripod SUCKS ASS. WordPress can import that stuff from just about any format…BUT NOT TRIPOD.

    Thanks for giggling with me, Squirl. 🙂

    Undercover Mutha, I thought I HAD changed that, but it looks like I only changed it in one place and not another. I have officially given up the fight, and have already emailed you to plead for your help.

    I don’t FEEL like the strongest woman ever, Amber. In fact, I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed, what with all this blog stuff plus a ton of real life stuff on my “to do” list.

  14. Amber says:

    You know, not FEELING like the strongest women ever, really just means you are, because, like, I said so.

    I don’t know. Life can sure know how to kick you in the butt, huh? I have about a bagillion things to get done today, and even if each of thsoe bagillion things took one second, I’d still feel like it would take me a while. But hey, I wish things took one second to do sometimes!

    Ok, ok, enough rambling. Jonah LOOKS hungry, but that doesn’t mean when I go to feed him, he’s gonna eat, but I may as well try.

    Fighting a losing battle,

  15. LadyBug says:

    I’m totally feeling kicked in the butt lately, Amber.

  16. dawn says:

    Um, i’m going to make a confession. I came here, scrolled down a bit too quickly, and I just got a glimpse of the thumbnail. My first thought- WHAT THE F IS LADYBUG POSTING??

    Um, yeah.

    Firefox is a very nice browser 😉

  17. LadyBug says:

    You cracked me up, Dawn. I tried Firefox a year or two ago, because everyone was talking about how awesome it was; but I just didn’t really care for it. I guess I’m just used to IE. Plus, if I switched at home, I’d still have to use IE at work, and I just don’t think I’m flexible enough to use two different browsers, every day, all the time.

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