Stream of (Semi-) Consciousness

Okay…in through the nose, out through the mouth…

No, wait.  She said in and out through the nose.

Okay…deep breaths…in through the nose, out through the nose…

No, wait.  She said breathe normally.

Okay…normal breaths…in through the nose, out through…

I will go down with this ship/And I won’t put my hands up and surrender/There will be no white flag above my door…

She:  How are you?  Can you tell a difference yet?

“No, not really”

She:  That’s okay.  Everyone’s different.  We’ll just take it up to the next step.

Okay…in through the nose, out through the nose… Maybe I should go ahead and try deep breaths… Iiiiiiiin through the nose … Oooouuuut through the nose … Iiiiiiiin through the nose…

Here and now, I promise to love faithfully…

She:  How’re we doing?  Can you feel a difference now?

*giggle*  “I dunno.  I can’t really tell.”  *giggle*

She:  Well, you’re looking a little more relaxed; I think it’s probably starting to kick in.

Is it?  I can’t tell any difference.  Why was I laughing?  Oh good GRIEF, me and my nervous giggle.  What if it’s not working, and she only THINKS it’s working because I’m giggling?  Should I say something?  Should I mention it?  Should I tell her it may not be worki…

He:  How are we today?

“Fine.  How’re you?”

Why does my voice sound so far away?

I think I’ll just close my eyes now…


GEEZus that smarts….

Or does it?  No, it’s fading now….just pressure….

Oh, yes, that’s much better.

Please, God, please take care of Susie.  She’s so kind and sweet and she doesn’t deserve to be hurt-

OWowowowowowow!  Again?!

Oh, okay, better now….

What IS that?  Wait, I can almost see it in the reflection of the…

Oh, geez.  Nevermind.  I didn’t want to see that.  I’ll just close my eyes again.

He:  …I think I’ll blahblahblah in the frivven fravven or maybe flim flam the bloo bleep band.

She: You just tell me what you need.  I’ll get it.

They’re so sweet.  Husband and wife, working together so closely like this.  She’s so pretty and friendly.  What a nice couple they make.

He:  Oh, sorry.  Heh.  We’re just throwing stuff at you now, huh?

She:  It’s been like that all morning.  It’s been Monday all day.


He:  Bleebedy blobbedy blah…flibberty flibbity flee floo…

What is that song?  I can almost hear it.  It’s Enya, I know.  I just can’t make it out…

He:  …and our son started two-a-days at midnight last night.

“Leally?  At nidnight?”

She:  Yes, so we were up off and on, checking to see if he was home yet.  You know how it is…

He:  But at least they weren’t out in the heat.

“Tho, good ter da kids, not tho gate ter da tarents.”

She:  Exactly.

He:  Okay, I skee-bopped the flim flam vooven shaven on that one, and blah-dee blah blah the nerve?  So, we’ll just have to see if that one holds.  I just can’t predict ’em anymore.  I used to try to predict ’em, but you just never know, really…  And now, that one there on the other side, it looks bibbity bobbity bop bam boom, and we’ll know better about that one, once we see how this one does.  Are you coming back for that one?

“Eth.  I’n teduled tor net Nunday.”

He:  Alrighty, we’ll see you then.

Where is the moment we needed the most/You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost/They tell me your blue skies fade to grey/They tell me your passion’s gone away…

She:  How’re you doing?

“I’n thtill pretty foggy-headed.”

She:  Okay, it’s on pure oxygen now.  We’ll just leave that on for a few more minutes…

Cause you had a bad day/You’re taking one down/You sing a sad song just to turn it around…

Please God, please take care of Susie.  Please watch over her and LG and Jif.  Please heal her body and give her peace…

She:  How’re you feeling now?  Better?

“Yeth.  I think tho.”

I’ve got to blog this……


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