A list disguised as an update masquerading as a post

~ New look here at the LadyBug blog.  Whaddya think?  (You should see a pale yellow background, black font, and an old-fashioned typewriter header.)

~ I’ve also added a button that links to my eBay store.  At the moment, it’s mostly clothes the girls have outgrown, but I’ll be adding other stuff soon, including my fresh-out-of-storage collection of Coca-Cola® memorabilia.

~ I actually responded to comments on the last entry.  I’d like to get back into the habit of doing that, as I miss the back-and-forth exchanges there.

~ Big Boy will be starting Speech Therapy soon.  We took him for a speech evaluation on the 20th, and the Speech Therapist said he “definitely qualifies for some Speech Therapy.”  She said a toddler his age should have a vocabulary of around 50 words (he has less than 20) and should be using two-word phrases on a regular basis (he has only one two-word phrase: “my did!”).  So he definitely has a speech delay, just as we suspected.  (His comprehension is fantastic.  He can understand us and follow simple directions with no problems.  He just won’t TALK.)  Rather than being worried at this diagnosis, I’m actually relieved that he’ll get the intervention he needs to help his speech develop.  I’m ready to hear my Little Man talk.

~ I’m going off the anti-depressants.  It’s been almost a year since I started the meds.  I’ve been on them so long now, I don’t know where the meds end and I begin.  I’m ready to get back to “baseline,” to see what “me” feels like again.  I started a 10-day weaning dose Thursday before last, and I took my last pill Saturday.  So, of course, I’ve been lightheaded, dizzy and woozy since about 6:00 yesterday evening.  I don’t know exactly how long it takes for the meds to completely leave my system, and my body to re-stabilize; but I hope things get back to normal soon.  Feeling freaky and faint may be some folks’ idea of a good time, but I kind of like being able to stand up without feeling like I’ll pass out.


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