Blog rhymes with fog…

April 25, 2006

…but that’s not the point, not that there is one, so don’t go getting your hopes up, you’ll just be setting yourself up for disappointment.

. . .

So, yeah, I’m still here. Lots of craziness around here lately. So much craziness, it can only be contained in list format!

  • We traded in both of our gas guzzlers – my good-for-family-travel-but-costs-an-arm-a-leg-and-a-major-organ-to-fill-up Suburban and Deputy Dad’s big-honkin’-macho-man-4-wheel-drive-15-miles-to-the-gallon pick-em-up truck and got a … ::whispering:: … minivan. A 2003 Pontiac Montana, to be exact. I suppose this officially makes me a Soccer Mom…although, since neither of the girls plays soccer, I’m not so much a Soccer Mom as a Basketball-Gymnastics-Softball-Chess Club Mom. I’ve been blasting Shakira over its little minivan speakers since we got it last week, in an effort to somehow convince myself that I’m not really, you know, driving a minivan. But even a constant loop of “Hips Don’t Lie” isn’t enough to refute the undeniable evidence that yes, I am, in fact, you know, driving a (gulp) minivan. Any “cool factor” I was clinging to is now dead, dead, dead, and gone the way of my 1980’s leg warmers and Trapper Keepers. Sigh. Perhaps our new ride needs some flames, à la Circus Kelli?
  • I think I exceeded the Maximum Number of Links Per Entry Allowed by Law in that last item, and it took me so long to type it, now I don’t remember what else I…wait! Got it!
  • The Drama Queen’s basketball season is over. They had their tournament last week. She was so excited, bless her little heart. “MOM! We got SIXTH PLACE in the CHAMPIONSHIPS!” So happy and thrilled. The first person to remind her there were only six teams will be condemned to an eternity of watching Congressional debates on CSPAN – without sound – while listening to the magical song stylings of Deputy Dad’s Butt Trumpet.
  • Now that basketball is over, it is of course time for softball sign-ups. AND next week begins the last month of school, which means we’ll be barraged with awards assemblies, the first grade play, end-of-school parties, Vacation Bible School, and the like. Lord help me. Here we go again.
  • Big Boy is KILLING ME these days, with the whiny and the tantrums and the clingy and the squawking and the OH MY GOD ENOUGH ALREADY. I was relieved when we got him off his pacifier a couple months ago, but I swear sometimes I’m thisclose to buying more, just so I can stick one in his mouth to SHUT. HIM. UP.
  • Other than that, you know, he’s a perfect angel. Really.
  • I seem to be pulling away from the blogosphere a bit…not posting much, not responding to comments, not visiting my blog neighbors as frequently, and not commenting as often as I used to, when I do visit. I think maybe it’s because I seem to be focusing more on Real Life. And if that’s it, then that’s good, right? Because, hey, I love my computer friends and this little blog world, but living outside of this virtual reality is good for the psyche, don’t you think?

You know your life is incredibly lame when…

April 12, 2006

…you suddenly realize you’re standing in line at the Post Office, having a Steve versus Joe debate* with the other residents of Small Town.

…and THEN you realize that this is the only adult conversation you’ve had all day.

*Steve wins, of course. Duh.

On the Road Again…

April 10, 2006

I’m making yet ANOTHER trip to [larger town an hour away where we go for doctor appointments and shopping] this afternoon, to take both of the girls to the pediatrician for sore throats, fever and general unwellness.

This makes […counting…] seven trips to [larger town an hour away where we go for doctor appointments and shopping] in the last three weeks. We’ve put over $120 in gas in my Suburban in the past TWO weeks.

Through simple supply-and-demand economics, my family is single-handedly driving up gas prices.

We’ll be driving my gas guzzler right to the poorhouse.


Alive and kicking…

April 4, 2006

Well, really, maybe more semi-conscious than alive, and more stumbling than kicking.

In the last couple weeks, I have…

…made 5 trips to [larger town an hour away, where we go for pediatrician appointments and shopping].

…taken each of the three kids to the pediatrician (in three separate trips, of course).

…ended up in the local hospital’s emergency room at 6:30 AM on Saturday morning*, only to leave an hour later, without having seen the doctor, and drive to [larger town an hour away, where we go for pediatrician appointments and shopping] to see the pediatrician.

…been swarmed by some odd-looking, flying bug in my driveway; called the Bug Guy; and found out hey! guess what! WE’VE GOT TERMITES!

…spent more than four hours Friday afternoon helping with the PTO Little Caesars Pizza Kits fundraiser, lifting and sorting boxes, sweating like a pig, and trying to remember why I signed up for that?

…attended five basketball games, with five more to go (four last week, three this week, and three next week).

…somehow found myself driving our 70-year-old babysitter and her 83-year-old husband to [larger town an hour away, where we go for pediatrician appointments and shopping] for their doctor appointments, spending the day shushing and chasing Big Boy, and wondering how the heck I got myself into that one?

So, you see. I’m still here. More or less, anyway. Just not feeling very creative or witty lately.

* * * * *

*Long story short: We put Big Boy to bed healthy this past Friday night. He awoke at 4:30 AM Saturday morning, coughing like a barking seal and having trouble breathing. Very scary. The pediatrician diagnosed croup and ordered a shot of steroids, which helped tremendously. He’s fine now, thank goodness.