For Valentine’s Day, I give you my heart…

February 14, 2006

******** Photo removed ********

Note: I’ll most likely leave this photo up for a day or two, then take it down.

This is my favorite picture of my beautiful babies. I took it just days after I got my digital camera. Big Boy was only six months old.

Is it any wonder why I fall in love with these kids over and over again? I mean, just LOOK at them!

I have two class Valentine’s parties to attend/help out with this afternoon, then we’ll rush home, give the kids their Valentine’s gifts, bathe and feed them, and then…

THEN the in-laws are coming to the house to sit with the kids so Deputy Dad and I can go have a romantic dinner out together. (We’ll go out early, then the in-laws will go out after we get home. It’s a tag-team, Valentine’s Day rumble-a-thon! Or, um, something.)

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Love and hugs to you and yours.