Is there a Tired Mommy form of Tourette’s?

My apologies for not responding to comments on the last entry sooner. I’ve been home with sick kids the last two days. And though I have been able to get on the computer long enough to check email, I haven’t really had the chance to be on the computer until after the kids go to bed. And by then, of course, my brain has turned into a steaming pile of goo, and I can no longer form a coherent thought that doesn’t include the words Nemo, poopoo britches, or A clue! A clue!

Some incoherent thoughts, then, in the form of a list:

– I didn’t get the job. I’m okay with that. They’re hiring a guy with several years experience doing exactly what they’re looking for. I can’t blame them.

– The Drama Queen is continuing to sharpen her comedy skills. As we watched the parade of pitiful performers on the season premiere of American Idol tonight, she remarked, “That girl sounds like two cats fighting over a dead fish!”
(It was the “Bluuuue Moooooon” girl, for those of you who watched.)

– I switched medications again a couple weeks ago. So far, so good.

– I suddenly seem to have run out of listy stuff.

– See there, a steaming pile of goo, just like I said up there in the first paragraph. Any minute now, I’ll start quoting Disney movies and Blue’s Clues videos.

– Sigh. Perhaps I should just stop typing now.


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