It’s not Blogging About Work if I don’t actually have the job yet……is it?

Update 10:30 AM Thursday: Seriously? I was only there half an hour? I swear it felt like longer.

The test wasn’t too bad, though there were some parts I’m sure I failed miserably. (I don’t have a clue how to look at my computer and be able to tell the IP address.)

So. We’ll see. I’ll keep ya’ll updated.

. . .

Tomorrow morning I’ll take a test for – and possibly (depending on the test results, I suppose) interview for – a new job.

I’m as nervous as a … … well, as a person who hasn’t been on a job interview in almost ten years.

I’ve applied for a job as a Technology Assistant with our local school district. Technology Assistant sounds semi-important, but it’s really just a glorified Teacher’s Aide position. Only not in a classroom, because, oh HELL no, I couldn’t handle that.

So. To sum up: I’ve applied for a low-paying* job with no prestige and little or no opportunity for advancement! Yay!

Now, I know what you’re thinking…”But, LadyBug, you already have a job just like that where you are.” And you are absolutely correct.

However. This job would offer something my current job cannot: the same schedule and days off (holidays and summer break) as the kids. Which means my kids would be able to whittle away at my last shreds of sanity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all summer long! I’d be able to spend more time with my children, to be off when they’re out of school, to spend summers at home with them, instead of dropping them off at the babysitter and spending the day missing them.

[Don’t you just love how I break up every post into 2 or 3-sentence paragraphs? They’re not even paragraphs at all, really. My twelfth grade Honors English teacher would be SO proud.]

ANYway. I’m nervous and anxious and wondering what the heck I’ll be tested over. (So far I’ve printed 16 pages of Blingoed information on computer networks and network security.) So any prayers, good vibes or well wishes you send my way will certainly be appreciated.

Thanks everyone! I’ll keep you posted.

*Note: For the record, I don’t live anywhere near Harlingen. But listed almost exactly the same average Teacher’s Aide salary for Small Town as it did for Harlingen.


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