Only 364 Shopping Days Until Christmas!

Christmas was wonderful, but exhausting. My brain has turned into a pool of primordial ooze; so, instead of trying to form a series of coherent thoughts, I bring you Photos!

Christmas Eve, sprinkling Reindeer Dust on the lawn:

sprinkling reindeer dust
Big Boy, The Drama Queen (foreground), and Miss Attitude (pink shirt, background).

sprinkling reindeer dust-coloring book
Miss Attitude (left) and The Drama Queen. This photo has a coloring book effect, to protect my sweet daughters.

Yesterday was a flurry of wrapping paper and gifts. Deputy Dad ended up working most of the day, to my great disappointment. He generally just takes calls (as opposed to being out on patrol) if he’s working on a major holiday, which is what he did this year; only, he kept getting call-after-call-after-call. I wanted to scream, “Listen folks, It’s CHRISTMAS, fer cryin’ out loud!” We did eventually get all the gifts opened and all ten hundred million plastic ties cut off of the toys. Everyone got everything they could possibly want and then some.

Tonight the girls and I finally had a chance to make Amber’s brownies. YUM!brownies 12-26-05
Can’t you almost smell ’em?

I was almost glad I hadn’t had a chance to make the brownies until tonight, because it gave me the chance to use my new stand mixer Mother-In-Law got me for Christmas. (The screaming you heard was not the lambs, Clarice. It was the sound of me mourning my old stand mixer’s recent, unexpected passing.)

stand mixer
Ain’t she purty?

Now, I wouldn’t normally use the word sexy to describe a kitchen appliance, but this one IS. I mean, just look at the rack on her!
mixer rack

Also functions as a mirror in a pinch. Not covenient for travel, however.
mixer reflection
Oooh, Shiny!

Oh, yes. Back to the brownies. Did I mention YUM? Miss Attitude’s words were, “MOM, these brownies are DELICIOUS!”

brownie aftermath
Did you know if you cut brownies with a plastic knife, they won’t stick to it? Makes a smoother, prettier cut. Seriously. Try it.

Thanks again for the homemade brownie mix, Amber!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. And I hope your Tuesday doesn’t feel too much like a Monday.

Speaking of Tuesday, please do me a favor and go send great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to Kit, my birth mother and dear friend; and to RazDreams, one of my favorite blogging buddies.*



*Turns out I got a little over-zealous with the birthday wishing. Raz’s birthday is NEXT Tuesday.


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