Post-Pediatrician-Visit Update

First things first: Circus Kelli commented on my Christmas by the numbers post:

“Oh, hon… I’m so very sorry… you must not have heard, so I’ll let you in on a little ditty I heard on the radio just today:“IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEARRRRRRRR!!!!”

Now, go forth and spread that holiday cheer! If that doesn’t work, try copious amounts of egg nog after the kids are asleep… you know. If they go to sleep.”

Let me just go on record as saying the guy who declared Cold and Flu Season the “MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEARRRRRRRR!!!!” most certainly did not have school-age children. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say the guy was probably not married, he was gay, and he never once had to wipe his lover’s snot-crusted nose or force a bulb syringe full of bubble-gum flavored antibiotic down his gagging gullet!

Now, onward and upward:

Brief update, as I’m on Puke Detail right now…

Three sick kids. Three doctor visits. Three prescriptions.

The Drama Queen has strep throat. Miss Attitude has an ear infection.* And Big Boy has strep throat AND an ear infection.

*Actually, it looks like Miss Attitude probably has strep throat AND the ear infection, just like Big Boy. They didn’t swab her throat today when they checked The Drama Queen’s and Big Boy’s, because the doc said the antibiotic he was giving her for the ear infection would take care of strep if she had it. But her throat’s been hurting pretty badly, and she got out of bed and started vomiting as I was typing this entry. So, more likely than not, all three of the kids have strep throat. Could someone just shoot me now…..please?


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