Christmas by the numbers

Number of school Christmas parties attended this morning: 2

Number of times in the last two weeks I have said to Deputy Dad (or anyone else who would listen), “I think Caller ID was invented by someone trying to avoid the Room Mom who was planning the class Christmas party!”: 6482

Number of children in Miss Attitude’s first grade class: 17

Number of parents who helped out with Miss Attitude’s class Christmas party: 4

Number of dollars spent on Miss Attitude’s teacher’s gift “from the class”: 30

Number of children who actually brought the requested $2 to help cover the cost of the teacher gift: 7

Number of dollars that makes: 14

Number of dollars currently in my checking account: minus 300

Number of times I have rolled my eyes in disgust as I attempted to plan Miss Attitude’s class party, buy and prepare party favors, organize parents, purchase gifts, etc.: eleventy kerflillion

Number of children in the LadyBug household who were sick last week, and are still recovering: 1

Number of children currently sick: 2 3 (See Update)

Number of medications given to the children this morning: 6 (3 for Miss Attitude; 2 for Big Boy; 1 for The Drama Queen)

Number of children seeing the pediatrician this afternoon: 3

Number of parents escorting those children to the doctor: 1 (guess who. hint: it’s me.)

Number of times Big Boy woke up crying last night: 5 or 6, at least

Number of times I’ve almost started crying, myself, in the last 24 hours: hundreds

Number of hours spent IM’ing with kalki last night: 1

Number of times I have grinned over that conversation since we said goodnight: thousands

Number of days until Christmas: 5

Number of times I have SWORN to myself that, in spite of everything crappy going on right now, I will NOT lose my Christmas Spirit: dozens

Number of times I have been thankful not only for this space where I can vent and rant and just generally get everything off my chest, but also for all the wonderful, kind people who visit here, and who have become such an important part of my life: countless

* * * *

Note: I got this completely typed up and edited, then realized the format looked…..really familiar. I did a little searching and discovered I totally stole this from kalki! I mean, I copied her title and everything. But I SWEAR I didn’t realize it until I had it all typed up! SWEAR IT! And I do NOT have time to go back and change it all up right now. So I’ll just have to give credit where credit is due. Let’s call it….”inspiration,” shall we? (Sorry, kalki!)


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