Big Boy (17 and) 18 Month Newsletter

Dear Big Boy:

Today you turned 18 months old. At your checkup today, you weighed 24 pounds, 15 ounces, and were 32 1/2 inches tall. Because your Daddy is The Best Daddy In The World, he took both you and your sister to the pediatrician today, since I had to work. And because I am The Worst Mommy In The World, I didn’t get your newsletter written last month, so I have two months’ worth of updating to do.

For Halloween, you were the cutest little rootin’-tootin’ cowboy we ever did see. You didn’t mind the costume at all, especially since it was just jeans, a shirt, a bandana, and a gun holster. But you would NOT wear the cowboy hat…not even long enough for a picture.

Shortly after Halloween, you reached another milestone, one we really could’ve done without: your first hospital stay. What started as a rash that looked like a group of mosquito bites spread over your entire body and face, and you were hospitalized with Erythema Multiforma.

We went into the hospital on Sunday afternoon, November 6th, and they started you on an antiviral medication right away. By Tuesday morning, you were doing well enough to go home. A few days later the rash was gone completely. And we all breathed a huge sigh of relief.

We went back to the pediatrician for your post-hospitalization, follow-up appointment on the day you turned 17 months old.  That day, you rode the kiddie rides at the mall for the first time, and I was glad we had the fancy-schmancy camera phone to document yet another milestone.  Our trip to the park a few days later found me thankful once again for the camera phone, and also wondering why it never occurs to me to bring my camera with me.

You’ve grown and developed so much the past couple of months, Big Boy. You’re now climbing everywhere and getting into EVERYTHING.  You’ve become quite the little troublemaker. The words you hear most often these days are, “No,” “Get DOWN from there,” “NO,” “Leave that alone,” “[Big Boy], NO,” and “Not in the mouth.” But it’s almost impossible to get angry with you, because you just smile that sweet little grin of yours and turn on the charm.

Your favorite activities these days are climbing, falling, getting back up, and climbing again; reading your books; playing with Mama’s hair and your sisters’ hair; pushing buttons (any buttons – TV, VCR, telephone, doesn’t matter); and wrestling with Daddy. You’ve also recently developed an addiction to Band-Aids, and will beg for one (well, TWO, actually, one for each arm) whenever you see a box.

You can follow simple directions, feed yourself with a fork (Mama and Daddy usually help get the food on the fork, then you put it in your mouth.), and snap your fingers. On request, you will point to your eyes, ears, nose, head, hair, mouth, tummy, hands, feet, legs, or arms. (Daddy said Dr. S. was very impressed when you did that for him today.) You’re also getting better and better at letting us know what you want, usually by pointing and snapping.

Big Boy, I think I say this in almost every newsletter, but you really have been such a joy, such a sweet and perfect addition to our family. Your sisters are crazy about you, and you absolutely adore them. And your Daddy and I…well, we couldn’t love you more, our hearts are so full. You’re one of our three most favorite people in the whole world.

I love you, my Sweet Boy, my Little Man.


*Believe it or not, I actually DID write this on Thursday, but am just now finding time to copy/paste/edit/post it here.


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