Welcome to my Pity Party. Would you care for some Whine?

My Holiday Cheer is fading fast, along with my mental and emotional well-being.

(Also, I might be feeling just a little overdramatic. I don’t know where The Drama Queen gets it.)

(Also, I’m almost certainly PMSing, but be aware that I am the only one allowed to point that out.)

(Also, I might be just a wee bit bitchy.)

(You’d probably best not point that out, either.)

Miss Attitude is sick. Asthma trouble (wheezing and coughing) and bronchiolitis. Deputy Dad took her to the pediatrician today, since I was working and he was off. He’s been off this week, burning the last of his vacation time before the end of the year.

We had big plans for tomorrow: The girls would be at school, we’d take Big Boy to the sitter, and we’d spend the day in [the town about an hour away, where we go for shopping and pediatrician appointments], finishing up our Christmas shopping for the kids. We’ve been looking forward to it all week. Our first time to spend the day together without the kids since before Big Boy was born EIGHTEEN MONTHS AGO. (I figured I needed a combination of bold, italics and ALL CAPS to emphasize how much Deputy Dad and I need to spend some child-free time together.)

But of course now our plans have pretty much been thrown out with Miss Attitude’s snotty tissues.


And Deputy Dad goes back to work on Saturday.

Sigh again.

And by the time he gets to his next scheduled day off (next Thursday), the girls will be out of school for the holidays.

So. For those of you taking notes:

Sick kid + cancelled plans + PMS + meds adjustment + holiday stress = |MomWhiny|



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