What do you mean we’ve been more than a week without a list around here? I shall remedy that posthaste!

  • We are continuing to welcome Cold and Flu Season with open arms at the LadyBug house. I am currently living my days with a DayQuil buzz, and my nights in a NyQuil-induced coma.
  • In addition, I have some sort of infection in the cuticle of my right index finger. So I’m on antibiotics (which will most likely bring on the purchase of Monistat in the next few days), and my finger is wrapped in a huge bandage (mostly for padding/protection, since the damned thing is SOOOO freakin’ sore and sensitive), making my attempts at typing largely laughable. (Seriously. You wouldn’t believe how long this is taking me, since my middle finger is doing double duty, taking on the typing tasks of my index finger. I’m afraid I may wear out my backspace key before my finger heals.)
  • We took Big Boy to the doctor yesterday for his post-hospital-stay follow-up appointment. He got a great checkup, and appears to be completely over the scary rashy illness.
  • Even in my previously-mentioned NyQuil-induced coma, Deputy Dad’s snoring woke me up no less than four or five times last night. I mentioned it to him this morning:”…I kept jabbing you, and you were STILL snoring.”

    “I remember you jabbing me. I kept thinking, ‘Why is she jabbing me?'”

    “It was because I couldn’t sleep! If I hadn’t been so out-of-it from the Nyquil, I would’ve gotten up and gone to the couch!”

    “You need to just learn to tune that stuff out, and sleep anyway.”

    “This, from the man who claims he can’t sleep in the afternoons [when he’s on night shift] if the dogs are barking, or the kids are playing outside, or the light is too bright? Well, try sleeping with a chainsaw running next to your head!”

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