I’m blogging from the pediatric wing of the hospital…

This will be brief, and probably largely incoherent. I apologize. I’m on the computer in the family waiting area of the pediatric wing.

Big Boy has……..something. The possibilities are Thing1, which I can neither pronounce nor spell, or Thing2, which I don’t have time to Google.

If it’s Thing1, it’s not too big a deal. The rash should peak and then start to disappear.

If it’s Thing2, which presents with a lot of the same symptoms as Thing1, it could affect internal organs, mainly the……liver? or kidney? Hell, I can’t even remember which it was.

If it’s Thing2, he’ll start developing the bumps in his mouth and other…umm…orifices. So, basically, we’re here for observation, so they can keep an eye on Big Boy, and see what develops.

He’s pitiful. He’s just…covered in this horrid rash. It’s all over his body, his face, his little eyelids. His hands and feet are swollen. His feet are the worst; they’re so swollen he’s having trouble walking.

This rash….it looks terrible. The nurses have all declared it – quote – “impressive.” Each nurse has looked him over, then brought someone else in to see it.

He’s had blood drawn, two throat swabs, a rectal swab…….my poor baby.

I need to get back. Big Boy’s sleeping now. Deputy Dad is with him. This is actually the first time I’ve had two hands free all day. I held Big Boy most of the afternoon and evening. His mood has been up and down….whiny one minute, smiling the next. And clinging to his Mommy most of the time.

I ask again for any thoughts, prayers, or good vibes you might send our way.

I don’t know when I’ll have a chance to update again; but I’ll try to keep you all posted.


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