An update, with a headache, so just go ahead and expect some gramatical errors and typos, okay?

Yes, we’re fine, of course we’re okay. Rita didn’t even get close enough to give us the lower temperatures and rain the weatherman had promised us last week. All we got was HOT and DRY, with record-tying temperatures. (It was 104 yesterday.) I don’t want to complain – because I’m so. very. glad. that (a) Rita didn’t cause nearly as much devastation as was predicted; and (b) we weren’t affected, because the girls were really scared. (They knew if things got bad, their Daddy would have to be out in it. That’s just the nature of having a Daddy in law enforcement. Miss Attitude, in particular, was worried – crying, even – that Deputy Dad might get hurt.)

In other news, I’ve been just really, really bitchy the last couple days. I’ve had a headache pretty much constantly for the last week or so, and yesterday and today, I seem to be really pissy and generally mad at the world. This morning, as I was trying to leave Miss Attitude’s school after dropping her off, I found myself wanting to drag the Stupid People from their cars, beat them to a pulp, and leave their lifeless bodies bleeding in the street.

So, um, yeah. A little bitchy.

My question is, is it the meds? Or is it just me? Is it a side effect? Or are they not working? My calendar says it’s not PMS. So….what is it, then? I know many of you have either experienced depression firsthand or gone through it with a family member. So, for the first time ever, I’m actually asking for advice. Let me know what you think/what you’ve experienced/what you’ve observed with a loved one.

And, you lurkers, too….Yes, I see you out there; I’ve seen your appearances in my stats counter. Let me know what you think, too. (Or just say hi.)


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