I can’t stop sniffing my armpits, and other random thoughts

It’s been too long since we had a LadyBug-style list around here.

  • Every time I see an abandoned shoe (not shoeS, shoe. It’s ALWAYS a single.) on the road, I wonder what the story behind it is. How did it happen to be separated from its lifelong solemate and discarded in the middle of the highway?
  • I bought some new deodorant. It’s Lady Speed Stick Passion Pear, or Purple Pear, or Something Pear. Whatever. Anyway, it. smells. fabulous.
  • Yesterday morning, as I was walking Miss Attitude into her school building, I saw an early-to-mid-twenties-ish woman with no boobs. I don’t mean they were very small. I mean, she looked like she had her head on backwards. After I stopped staring, I started trying to figure it out. Is she anorexic? Is she an Olympic gymnast? Is she a HE?
  • Last Friday, The Drama Queen’s third grade class had their Social Studies projects presentations. They took turns telling the class about their maps and answering questions from the teacher, Mr. R. When Mr. R asked the Drama Queen’s friend, K, “And what is this blue part, here?”, she shrugged and said, “I dunno. I was asleep when my mom did that part.”
    Deputy Dad and I haven’t stopped chuckling over that one.

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