Hating Technical Machine Lingo

I just hate it when I can’t figure stuff out. I’m a figure-it-out type of gal, and I can’t stand it when the computer gets the better of me. But I just don’t speak the native language of HTML. I’ve learned enough of the basic codes to post entries to my blog, add emphasis with bold or italics, and even add links (go me). But I just. don’t. get. the programming, blog-layout part of it. I simply don’t speak the language. So when mrtl first awarded me a Distinguished Visitor badge, I was thrilled, but I didn’t know what the heck to do with it.

Now, she’s gone and added a star to my badge! And I still don’t know how to put the darn thing in my sidebar. So I am posting it here, along with the first one, for all the world to see that I am, indeed, A mrtland Distinguished Visitor.

Badge #1:

Now With Star:

Aren’t you jillis?


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