Let’s just call this one Righteous Indignation

In a small town, you see people you know all the time…driving down the street, buying groceries, dropping the kids off at school. Of course, you can’t choose which people you run into, so you’re just as likely to see someone whose very presence makes your skin crawl as you are to see someone whose smile brightens your day and warms your heart.

This morning it was the former of the two options. I saw a guy with whom I went to high school, who married another girl in our class, and who – I am almost certain – physically and emotionally abused her. I know he destroyed her bubbly, vibrant spirit. They divorced several years ago, and she is remarried, this time to a kind and gentle man who treats her right. But she has never regained her self-confidence or recovered her dynamic and energetic personality.

I hate him for murdering her spirit.

He deserves to spend a lifetime working for minimum wage in a job that involves raw sewage, anal probing, or a combination thereof.


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