Breaking News!

I hesitated to post this first link, since I haven’t bought my t-shirt yet, but then I decided, hey, just because I’m broke and procrastinating doesn’t mean I shouldn’t share with you all the opportunity to help someone else.

ScottyGee has designed a couple of t-shirts and made them available through CafePress, with proceeds benefitting Amanda B., a fellow blogger most of you know and love, who was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina. (Some of you may remember ScottyGee as “Scotty Hotpants” from the Dooce comments.)

Click here to buy a cool Hotpants-designed shirt and help Amanda B.!

Also, Amanda posted her mailing address in her latest entry, if you’d rather send something directly to her. Sheryl from Wave of Modulation has been in contact with Amanda and will, hopefully, be sending out a list of what they need most and other ways we can help. If any of you are not on Sheryl’s emailing list, and would like me to forward you the info, please let me know in the comments.

This is the first time I’ve actually ‘known’ someone who was personally affected by a disaster such as this one, and it’s breaking my heart. Having these options to send aid directly to Amanda eases my sense of helplessness, just a bit.


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