Blogging Rockstar: INXS

Some thoughts on tonight’s episode of Rockstar:INXS:

  • What the hell was that chain-thing dangling from Brooke Burke‘s hand all night?
  • Why does Dave Navarro look so much like Satan?
  • Jordis totally rocked. Not surprising. She always does.
  • Jessica = largely forgettable
  • Seriously, WTF was Ty thinking, with those plaid polyester pants?
  • I’m not sure I heard any of Suzie‘s performance. That sparkly nose ring was too damn distracting.
  • Every week I am more and more impressed with Marty. He got stuck with (gack, I can’t even type her name) you-know-who’s (Hit Me)…Baby One More Time. He totally rearranged it, “took out the candy,” as he said, and made it a little dark. Wow. Just…wow.
  • Deanna‘s performance was just painful to watch. Pack your bags, hon.
  • J.D. = cocky bastard.
  • MiG…ah, MiG. I love your way, too, Baby.

Anyone else have anything to add? Mrtl?


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