Any non-bill mail is good…but THIS is GREAT!

Yesterday, the very day Colleen got her custom-designed Clobber t-shirt in the mail, I received my very-first-ever gift from a blogging buddy!

Behold the cuteness that is LadyBug bookmarks:

Aren’t they adorable?!

Who knows? I may even start reading ACTUAL BOOKS again sometime in the near future, now that I have these cute little critters to inspire me!

Thank you, Colleen!

And look! They make fabulous earrings, too!
Yes, I might possibly have used my (nonexistent) Photoshop skillz to oh-so-carefully disguise what could perhaps be a blemish. Maybe.

. . .
P.S. Thanks to Kristine‘s man Shaun for designing Colleen’s t-shirt (on very short notice, I might add).
Click here to visit Shaun’s CafePress store, Holeyshirt.


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