Blueberries, Part I

I am ashamed to admit that my children had never eaten fresh blueberries. I could offer up all sorts of excuses, but basically, I don’t buy a lot of fresh fruit and veggies because, most of the time, I end up throwing away half or more. But I’m trying to get us ALL into healthier eating habits, so I picked up a carton of blueberries at the grocery store last weekend.

Miss Attitude: What’s that?

The Drama Queen: Is that blueberries?

LadyBug: Yep. [Very eloquent, don’t you think?]

MA: Do we even LIKE blueberries? [Child, if YOU can’t keep up with what you like and don’t like, from one day to the next, how the hell do you expect ME to do it?]

DQ: Have we ever even TRIED blueberries?

DQ: Oh!Oh! WAIT! I HAVE tried ’em! I LIKE blueberries. They come in MUFFINS!


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