When you have kids, a lot of conversations go like this…

The scene: We’re in the Suburban, Mom driving in the front seat, Big Boy (strapped safely in his car seat, of course) and The Drama Queen in the middle seat, Miss Attitude in the back seat, when Big Boy starts fussing…

LadyBug: [Drama Queen], would you give him his pacifier, please?

Drama Queen: Where is it?

LB: He had it a minute ago. You’ll have to look for it.

DQ: {Begins searching Big Boy’s car seat, looking in the floorboard…} I can’t find it, Mom. {sing-song voice} Pacifier! Oh, Paaaaacifiiiier! How do you make a pacifier come out when it’s hiding? Oh, I know! Ma-noppy-loppy-loppy!

LB: {already giggling, but trying to disguise it} WHAT?

DQ: No, that’s not it. Mom, what do you say? How does it go?

LB: {Still not sure what she’s talking about, or what the hell ma-noppy-loppy-loppy is, but snickering out loud now.}

DQ: {Seeing Mom in giggles, realizing she’s being very funny, and pouncing on the opportunity to RUN WITH IT, because nothing’s more fun than making Mama giggle. Against her will. While she’s driving.} {sing-song voice again} Ma-noppy-loppy-looooooooooppy! Come on, little pacifier! Ma-noppy-loppy-looooooooooppyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

LB: {Trying to keep from wrecking the car, as I bury my face in my hand, giggling.} [Drama Queen], WHAT are you saying?

DQ: Ma-noppy-loppy-loppy! Oh, YOU KNOW, Mom, what is it you say when someone’s hiding?

LB: {Speaking through stifled snickers} Ollie ollie oxen free?

…Everyone in the car is giggling at this point…

DQ: Yeah! Ollie ollie oxen free!


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