Nest-door neighbors

A photo of our new neighbors:

Actually, I’m not sure these guys are far enough away from our front door to be considered neighbors. They’re more like squatters.

Mama Bird and Papa Bird were angry that I was up on a step-ladder, getting a close-up shot of their quintuplets.
I was – no joke – a little afraid they might dive-bomb me as I was snapping pictures.

These birds have set up housekeeping on our front porch every spring and fall, for the past two or three years. They slowly start building a nest, and Deputy Dad knocks it down or washes it away. Then they start slowly building again, and Deputy Dad obliterates it again. This happens every few days for a while, then BOOM! Overnight, the little beasts have built their nest and Mama Bird has laid her eggs. Then we’re stuck with it until after the eggs hatch and the babies leave, and we can once again knock that sucker down.

Now. Before you start in about how mean it is to knock down the nest, and how cute baby birds are, blahblahblah, allow me to present Exhibit A, to show you WHY we have such an aversion to having a bird’s nest on the front porch:

Yeah. NOW you understand? THAT’S JUST NASTY. And if you’d ever had the displeasure of looking out your front door at just the wrong moment, and seeing a baby bird turn around, stick his baby bird butt over the edge of the nest, and take a gigantic baby bird DUMP on your front porch, you’d be knocking the damn nest down, too.


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