An update, by way of semi-coherent ramblings

Wow, what a whirlwind of a week. This week was the last week of school and the first week of T-ball and softball games. Which means our commitments this week have included, but not been limited to:

1 kindergarten awards assembly
1 softball practice
1 children’s choir practice
2 end-of-school parties
4 ball games (2 T-ball games (Miss Attitude) and 2 softball games (The Drama Queen)).

Not to mention all the regular working/going to school/keeping up with kids/caring for baby stuff.

We are all worn out, exhausted, and thankful that yesterday was the last day of school.

Of course, Tuesday through Friday of next week, The Drama Queen has basketball camp in the mornings, and both girls have children’s choir practice (They are preparing their program for Vacation Bible School at church.) in the afternoons. Then Miss Attitude has church Day Camp next Saturday (6/04), and the girls have VBS the next week. And we’ll still have 4 or 5 ball games each week for the next three weeks or so. THEN maybe things will settle down a bit, and we can relax a little and enjoy what’s left of the summer. (School starts mid-August here.)

So NOW you see why I haven’t been updating much lately. We’re just runningrunningrunning all the time these days; and when I do finally sit down, I’m too tired to think straight.

Thanks to those of you who are still around, and still checking in here periodically. I’m not dead yet, just treading water to keep from drowning!


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