I thought we were a family

The Drama Queen left a note on the fridge for Deputy Dad and me last night. Her not-so-subtle way of making sure we would “discover” it was to say, “I’m putting this note on the fridge for you and Dad to find after I go to bed.”

I should note here that The Drama Queen was outraged at some sort of injustice – I can’t remember what it was this time – wherein, basically, she had not gotten her way. Not getting her way has recently become just cause for much weeping, wailing, and whining.

Deputy Dad and I giggled for several minutes after we read the note, and had to regain our composure before we went to discuss it with The Drama Queen.

Because it gave us such a chuckle, I thought I’d share it here, as it was written, complete with misspellings, punctuation errors, etc. (Give her a break. She’s only 8.)

The note is titled “Verses for EVER”, and the text is surrounded by hearts and doodles. In the left margin, The Drama Queen wrote, “I thought we were a family” then “Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!” (cascading down) “But now were not”

In the right margin, she wrote “love you Mom and Dad”, “I love you”, and “cool”.

The Drama Queen is apparently a fan of lists, just like her mother; because the body of the text is a numbered list:

1. Mom and Dad used to be nice But now look at them.

2. Dad is not Being very nice.

3. Mom isint either.

4. What are they thinking?

5. They are kind of being weard.

Then at the bottom:

We are a family right?
answer here now!

* * * *

[I just can’t tell you how I’m looking forward to her angst-ridden teenage years. Please. Just kill me now.]


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