Random thoughts for the day

1. It’s Monday. Frickin’ Monday. ARGH. I was so not ready for this. It just snuck-the-hell-up on me, like it always does. Seems like it happens at least once a week.

2. My face is peppered with teenage-style acne, and I’m suffering horrible cramps. Those signs, as well as the dead cats falling from the sky and the image of satan in my tea leaves, ought to tell you what kind of week I’m expecting to have.

However. On a happier note…

3. Words cannot express the sheer joy I felt that ABC finally aired a new episode of “Desperate Housewives” last night. This, after completely deserting their faithful followers two weeks in a row, and then having the audacity to show a fargin RERUN last Sunday night! But last night they promised us SEVEN! NEW! EPISODES! If the kids hadn’t been asleep, I probably would’ve screamed a little girl scream of elation. Eeeeee!


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