First, the Resurrection of Christ, and now THIS…

As babies, both The Drama Queen and Miss Attitude honored their “Da-da” with their first word. Nevermind the fact that I carried each of them in my womb for nine months, that I breastfed each of them through their first year, that I slaved over a hot stove making homemade baby food for them…with each of the girls, I built up my hope that her first word might be “Ma-ma,” only to face Deputy Dad’s smug mug when the little darling started her baby vocabulary with “Da-da.”

But now…NOW Mama has been vindicated. Since Baby Boy first started babbling, no matter what sound he’s making, “Ba-ba, Da-da, Ga-ga, Gla-gla,” I have almost always stubbornly responded with “Ma-ma. Mmmaaa-mmmaaa.” And tonight my persistence was rewarded when Baby Boy finally gave in to my pleas for affirmation and said, “Ma-ma.” Incredulous, I said, “Say….Ma-ma.” And…and…HE DID. Over and over again.


That was the sound of my heart exploding into billions of tiny pieces.

Then at bedtime, Baby Boy gave me an unusually difficult time, trying to get him to bed. He started fussing after I had put him down, and when I went in to check on him, there was his little angel face peering at me above the crib rail. WHAT? ABOVE the crib rail? What the…? Baby Boy had grabbed on to the crib rail and pulled himself up to sitting. He pulled up! For the first time! Holy cow!

Two major milestones in one day is almost more than a Mama’s heart can take. *sniff*


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