Baby Boy 9-Month Newsletter

Dear Baby Boy:

Last Tuesday (March 15th), you turned 9 months old. I’m having trouble comprehending the fact that you’ve now been on the “outside” for as long as you were on the “inside.” I am simply astounded at how quickly the time has passed, and how much you’ve grown. At your checkup on Friday, you weighed 19 pounds, 11 ounces, and were 28 1/4 inches long. Such a big boy!

The day you turned 9 months old, we had to go to Fort Worth so Miss Attitude could have some tests run at Cook Children’s Medical Center. You went on your very first elevator ride at Cook’s on Tuesday.

That night we stayed at a motel with an indoor pool (we had to go back to Cook’s on Wednesday), and you went swimming for the first time. You absolutely LOVED it. You splashed and played and laughed with your Daddy, and you even kicked your legs and paddled your arms. And you were absolutely thrilled when Daddy lifted you high up into the air and then splashed you down into the water.


This month you made two very important discoveries. First, you realized how FAST you can crawl. You’ve now stopped rolling over-and-over to get to your destinations, because you’ve become a little speed-demon-crawler! I’m amazed at how fast you can do your little army crawl, and we have to keep a close eye on you these days, because you can be across the room in a FLASH!

Secondly, you discovered Cheerios this month. We gave you a few a couple weeks ago, just to try them out and see if you could gum them without choking on them. AND YOU LOVE THEM. You are a little Cheerios-eating-machine. If you hear ANY cereal bag rattling, you get all excited and start bouncing on your bottom, because you think it’s your beloved Cheerios. You grab them by the fistfuls and shove as many as you can into your mouth…which is never more than one or two, since you’re still such a beginner at the whole putting-food-into-the-mouth thing. The rest fall neglected to the floor, or into the high chair seat, where we usually find dozens of the little O-shaped goodies when you’re finished. Between the Cheerios and the Biter Biscuits, you’ve become a master at the art of mess-making. Whenever we let you chew on a Biter Biscuit, we usually have to scrub you from head to toe and change your clothes when you’re done.


Speaking of changing your clothes…Son, why must you act like we are dressing you in barbed wire, every time we put a shirt over your head? Why? Dressing a baby is not normally considered an act of torture, but anyone who heard your weeping and wailing and gnashing of…well…gums would probably be inclined to call the authorities on your poor parents, who are only trying to keep you clothed and prevent you from getting carpet burn on your tender tummy.

And speaking of gums…we are STILL anxiously awaiting the arrival of your first tooth. You continue to drool and teethe and chew, but you don’t yet have anything to show for it, except for a couple of noticeable bumps under the surface of your gums. Could you please just go ahead and cut the darned teeth already? We’d all be much happier. Thank you.

Actually, the fact is…even when you’re miserable with teething discomfort or a cold or any other of the numerous baby ailments which have plagued you lately, you’re still such a good-natured little thing. We’re just amazed at what a sweet temperament you have. You’re constantly smiling and talking and keeping yourself busy with the world around you. You truly are a joy, Baby Boy. You are such a blessing to us.

Your sisters are still absolutely crazy about you. And you get excited every time one of them walks in the room. They’ve been so helpful to me lately, just by entertaining you when I need to get something done. And those girls can entertain you like no one else can.

You are changing and growing so much, Baby Boy. Sometimes I miss the days when you were itty-bitty and content to stay in Mommy’s arms, just nursing and sleeping. Sometimes I get frustrated because I’m so worn out, and there are so many things to do, and I find myself looking forward to the future, when you’re bigger, and not quite so dependent on me. But other times, I can look at you and I know how quickly you’re growing up, and I can savor the here-and-now, the moment you throw your arms around my neck and bury your face in my shoulder…the moment you smile at me and give me your slobbery kisses…the moment you see me after I’ve been at work all day, and your whole body tells me you just can’t wait until I pick you up and hold you and snuggle you. These moments are the ones I’ll cherish, Baby Boy.

I love you.



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