Baby Boy 8 (1/2) Month Newsletter

Dear Baby Boy:

A couple of weeks ago (on February 15th), you turned 8 months old. Mommy is once again running late writing your monthly newsletter, and I really do have all sorts of good excuses; but I’d rather just talk about YOU.

Baby Boy, you have become oh-so-much fun in the last several weeks. Just before you turned 7 1/2 months old, you started CRAWLING! We had come home from eating supper out, and Daddy put you on the floor for a minute; you spied something you wanted, and BOOM! You started doing your little army-crawl to get it! We were soooo excited! (And also alarmed, really, because we were totally unprepared for you to start crawling and had not yet started babyproofing the house.) And now you’re just crawling wherever you want to go, still with the army-crawl, using your elbows, mostly, to pull yourself along on the floor. You’ve also figured out that rolling, rolling, rolling is the QUICKER way to get where you want, while crawling is more PRECISE; so you’ll rooooollllll until you get to the general area you want to go, and then crawl to get to the exact spot. You’re such a smart little cookie!

A couple weeks ago you started clapping your hands. We all got so excited for you that we clapped, too, which made you grin and bounce on your bottom and clap some more, which made us get excited again and clap more, until we had a seemingly endless game of You-clap-and-I’ll-clap-too. You’re so adorable when you do it, too. You clap those (usually drool-covered) little hands together, grinning so wide, and looking around to see who will notice and who’ll clap next. We’ve moved Pat-a-cake to a whole new level.

Your sisters, it seems, Dear One, fall more in love with you every day. I can remember in the first weeks after we brought you home from the hospital, we’d all get ready to go somewhere, and Miss Attitude would ask, “Is Baby Boy coming, too?” Like she wasn’t quite sure how you fit in our family. There’s no doubt that she knows now, though. She and The Drama Queen are absolutely crazy about you. And you adore them. You get so excited and bouncy when you see them. And you’ve started reeeeeaching for them. You’ll practically jump out of my arms to get to The Drama Queen’s. And you love to hug and kiss Miss Attitude and play with her beautiful, soft hair. Watching you and your sisters love each other just melts Mommy and Daddy’s hearts.

In addition to crawling, clapping, and playing with your sisters, you’ve really started to enjoy being read to. We started reading to you in your first weeks, and by the time you were 4 or 5 months old, you would sit still and actually leave the book alone while we read to you. Now you’ve discovered that we keep a selection of your books in the little magazine table by the rocker/recliner, and you dive over the arm of the chair to try to retrieve your books. And not always at the most opportune time, either. I may be trying to nurse you or get you to settle down for a nap, and you practically jump out of my lap as you nosedive into the books. It’s frustrating at times, of course, but I just love that you love your books so much.

Baby Boy, it’s been another rough month for us around here (which is one of the reasons your newsletter is so late). You’ve been sick again…another double ear infection PLUS bronchiolitis. And Miss Attitude’s been sick too. And Mommy and Daddy have been very worried and tired because no one’s sleeping well anymore. We’re hoping you’ll be all better after you finish your round of antibiotics. We’re also hoping Spring comes SOON.

Baby Boy, Mommy and Daddy love you so very much. We’re so aware each day of how much you’ve altered our lives. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. You are such a joy, and you’ve brought us such happiness.

I love you, Sweet Boy.



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