Random Thoughts of the Day

1. Did anyone else who watched the Oscars last night think the dude from Counting Crows looked like one of those plastic heads in the Play-Doh Barber Shop set…like someone had pushed down on his head and made his hair squish up through the pre-drilled plastic holes?

2. If you DID watch the Oscars, did you see the commercial for the Oprah-sponsored movie that’s scheduled for next Sunday at 9/8 Central, and think, OH MY GOD, THEY’RE GOING TO PRE-EMPT DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES TWO FARGIN WEEKS IN A ROW!!!! (Yes, that was absolutely worthy of four exclamation points.) And did you then get all panicky and flustered, wondering what would become of your TV friends during those two seemingly-endless weeks?? No? Just me? Umm…okay then. Moving on…

3. If one were employed as a sales representative for a company which manufactured bar stools, would one be required to travel with a trunk full of…stool samples?


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