Thank you, thank you, thank you

I can’t thank you all enough for your kind comments and thoughtful emails in response to Friday’s “Sick and tired” post and Saturday’s “Sleepless nights” post. I’ve read each one at least twice, and cried through several of them. Words are simply not enough to express my gratitude.

I am especially thankful for your thoughts and prayers. One or more of you must have a direct line to The Big Guy, ’cause Baby Boy slept through the night Saturday night for the first time in more than a week. As soon as I figure out which one of you to thank for that little miracle, I’ve got another special request involving a winning lottery ticket and the Top Gun version of Tom Cruise.

Thank you and God bless,

[Update: I should mention that yes, I did get some much-needed rest this weekend, in the form of several hours of sleep on Saturday night, as well as a couple of naps I took at hubby’s insistence. I also had some Blue Bell Rocky Road ice cream, which is my own personal Ultimate Comfort Food and never fails to soothe my soul a bit; and I applied plenty more doses of chocolate throughout the weekend, for medicinal purposes, of course, mostly in the form of Hershey’s Kisses. (Back atcha, Hershey, MWAH!) Thanks to all who inquired about my well-being. Many platonic, internet hugs and Hershey’s Kisses to you all. Happy Valentine’s Day.]


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