Sick and tired of sick and tired, Part Deux

I took all the kids for another round of doctor appointments yesterday afternoon.

Baby Boy saw the pediatrician. His RSV is better, thank God. We’ll continue his breathing treatments through the end of the week, and then hopefully be done with it. However, both ears are still infected (He just finished his 10-day round of Amoxycillin Monday.), so the doc put him on a stronger antibiotic. The lingering ear infection explains why recent nights at our house have been just AWFUL. At least, please, dear God in heaven, I HOPE it’s his ears keeping him from sleeping soundly. ‘Cause I sure would like for him to go back to sleeping through the night once his ears are better.

The Drama Queen also saw the pediatrician. She’d had cold symptoms, runny/stuffy nose, sore throat, etc. Turns out SHE has an ear infection. So now she’s on antibiotics, too.

Miss Attitude had her regular appointment with her pulmonologist yesterday. She’s still been having a little asthma trouble, even though she was on her oral steroid for two weeks. But the doc seemed to think she’d be fine, as long as we continue her breathing treatments until she gets through this rough patch.

Deputy Dad and I are also trying to get over the crud. I think I’m just about over it, just hanging on to a sore throat and some general allergy-type symptoms. Deputy Dad finally got some meds for his ears yesterday. Thank God for THAT, ’cause I’m so damned tired of repeating myself every. single. time. I. speak. to him. I kid you not, people…If I really want him to understand every word I say, I have to speak directly into his “good” ear, using a volume a couple notches above my indoor voice.

I know it’s cold and flu season, and everyone is dealing with sick kids and such. But…damn. If we could just have everyone well at the same time, just for a little while……Sigh


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