To sleep, perchance to dream

I’m happy to report we’re finally getting some sleep at our house. After what seemed like months of sleepless nights, but was probably closer to two or three weeks, we (or, more accurately, I, since Deputy Dad not only works nights, leaving me to tend to things until he gets home around 2:00 AM, but is also hard of hearing and therefore tends to sleep THROUGH all the getting-up-with-the-baby drama. But I’m not bitter.) finally decided to go ahead and Ferberize Baby Boy. Now, don’t go leaving me nasty comments about how cruel this method is and what a terrible mother I am for letting my baby cry it out. We used the Ferber method with both of the girls; and, even though the first night is gut-wrenching and heartbreaking, the fact is…it totally works.
Baby Boy had gotten to the point where he was getting up to nurse every couple of hours; and, in between, I was making hundreds of trips back and forth to his room to put that damn pacifier back in his mouth. (Curse you, Pacifier, for thou art Evil Incarnate!) He wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t sleeping, and we were both getting crankier by the moment. My normally sweet, good-natured, little full-of-smiles baby boy was becoming fussy and grumpy all day long. In addition to not sleeping at night, he wouldn’t nap during the day. We were in a sleepless H.E.L.L.
But now. NOW. Now my little angel-boy is going to bed between 7:30 and 8:00, without the evil pacifier in his face, sleeping through the night (Did you hear that, People? Yes, that’s right. SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!), and getting up at 6:00 AM. That means my baby boy, at less than six months old, is sleeping……let’s see…..carry the one……TEN WHOLE FREAKING HOURS!!!!!!!!! (There are simply not enough exclamation marks in the world to express my utter joy here.)

Now, does that mean that Mama is getting ten hours of sleep? Hell, no. Of course not. Because, after I get all the kids to bed, I’ve always got eleventy-million things left to do. But, once I DO finally get to bed, I get to sleeeeeep. To sleeeeeeeeeep, do you hear me? Without trekking to the baby’s room every twenty minutes. Without feeding him every couple hours. Without interruption……no, wait. That’s not completely true. Because there’s still the issue of the buzzsaw in the bed next to me. Hmm. Maybe I should stick the pacifier in HIS mouth.


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