Baby Boy 5-month Newsletter

Dear Baby Boy,

Tomorrow you turn five months old. Another month has gone by in the blink of an eye. It almost seems like you’re a different baby every couple of weeks, you’re growing and changing so quickly. Gone is the tiny newborn blob we brought home from the hospital; we now have this intelligent and charming little baby in our lives. Intelligent, because you are so extremely observant. You are constantly interested in and watching everyone and everything around you. In the last week or so, you’ve been reaching for everything near you, including Mama and Daddy’s tea glasses. When Daddy let you touch his glass the other night, you put your hands around it and pulled it to your mouth; then you put your mouth on the rim and actually tried to take a drink! Like a little grown up! What a smarty pants!

And charming…oh Baby Boy, you are so very charming. Your smile doesn’t just light up a room…it lights up everyone in that room, too. No matter what kind of day I’m having or what kind of mood I’m in, when you smile at me, I simply can’t NOT smile back. You’re irresistible.

Last Monday you started rolling over from your back to your belly. And now you can’t seem to stop! Every time I lay you down on your back…BLOOP! There you go, before I know it. Changing your diaper has become darn near impossible. Can you just lay still for one minute, child? But no, there is too much rolling over to be done!

Besides the rolling, rolling, rolling, you currently enjoy playing with your big sisters, pulling Mama’s hair, and bouncing. Oh, the bouncing! You are showing us what the term “bouncing baby boy” is all about. You absolutely LOVE to bounce! You bounce up and down in your bouncy car. You bounce up and down in Mama and Daddy’s lap. In fact, you will pretty much use any surface your feet touch as a springboard for more bouncing action. You must have the strongest legs in the baby kingdom!

You also like to grab everything within reach. We’ve started calling you Mr. Grabby Hands. You especially like to grab faces (especially Daddy’s, your sisters’, and mine) and TRY TO EAT THEM. We call this “giving kisses,” because it sounds so much better then “practicing cannibalism.” I mean, seriously child, sometimes you attack our faces with such voraciousness….well, let’s just say it’s a darned good thing you don’t have any TEETH yet!

You started reaching for me a few weeks ago. Just with your hands at first, then with your arms…now you turn your whole body, reach your arms out, and leeeean waaaay over to reach your Mama. That ‘reaching for Mama’ thing? Well, I’ve been looking forward to that since before you were born. It’s one of my favorite parts of baby-hood. And now you have this whole ritual you go through when you see me: You look in my eyes, that look of recognition crosses over your face, you smile and raise your eyebrows, then you say “Unh…UUNNHH!!” and start pumping your legs; I hold my hands out for you, and then…the reeeeaching. Oh, Sweetie, you make Mama feel so special.

This afternoon I sat in the recliner while you took a nap on my shoulder. It was cold and rainy outside, and you were so warm and cuddly. I sat there and breathed your sweet baby smell and kissed your head; then I ran my finger along the back of your hand over and over, feeling your tiny little knuckles and marveling at how perfect you are. I was sitting sooo still, afraid that if I moved you might wake up, and the moment would be over. I just wanted to sit there and hold you and touch your hand and feel you breathe, and I closed my eyes and wished we could stay right there, right in that moment.

I love you, my Sweet Baby.



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